Are you coming or going?

The world is upside down. How do you move forward when you're not sure which end is up? Sometimes we are floating in the ethers with no connection to the earth below.  Other times it feels like we're stuck in the mud with no hope of getting free. What we thought was up turns out to be down. The door we thought would lead to the next room only ends up taking us back to the room we are trying to get out of. We look for answers but find more riddles instead.

"Change is inevitable.....except with vending machines"

When all things we thought we knew suddenly seems uncertain we need to re-evaluate our beliefs and the direction in which we are moving. We were moving forward or was it back? We were moving up or was it down? Was that a right turn or a left? Even if it was the right move yesterday it may be the wrong move today.

It seems to me that trying to figure out which end is up with our minds is pointless and will only lead to more frustration. A more accurate compass for which direction we should be heading is our intuition.

The world may be upside down but when we turn to sadhana we are pointed in the right direction. The spiritual practice becomes the process of tuning into your intuition.  Each time we tune in we are given an opportunity re-evaluate and adjust the direction of our lives.

Remember that it's our thoughts that create our reality. That means it's our thoughts that create the upside down world we experience. Create a calm and clear mental state and we create a calm world in which we clearly see which direction to move.

Regardless of which way the world is spinning taking the time for sadhana will turn you right side up. Only be prepared because the right side might be different than what you thought is was.

"A set back is a set up for a comeback"


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