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At the end of day what really matters?

Sometimes our minds get stuck, like a record (omg! did I just say record) that's scratched. It skips and keeps repeating the same thing. When this happens our minds seem to skip over the good stuff and get stuck on the not so good stuff.  Over and over our minds repeat all the same old dramas just like a broken record.

I find myself lately getting stuck. For days or weeks I get stuck and my focus repeatedly goes back to all the things in my life that are not working.  After a particularly challenging day yesterday I was feeling exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Looking to take a break from life I decided to check my emails before dinner. When the AOL page opened up I see a photo of a sweet little boy and his mom that made me smile until I see the caption on the bottom. The sweet little boy is three year old Ty Campbell and he has terminal cancer.

I know reading the story will be sad but I can't get the boy's face out of my mind so today I read his story. …

Yoga Lessons for my daughters

I was shocked the other day when I realized that my daughter, Tayler will be 16yrs old soon.

I will always think of Tayler as my little girl who used to hide in the kitchen cabinets with her bowl of Chereeos and giggle while I freaked out thinking she was kidnapped! Then I was even more shocked when it hit me that my oldest, Amanda, will be 20yrs old next month!!! 20 - how can that be?? Aren't I still 20?? Not quite...

I was 19years old when Amanda was born. Can you imagine? What the hell did I know about raising a child? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Needless to say, the stress of trying to live up to the perfect world I had created in my own mind was taking it's toll on me. One day when Amanda was about 3 years old a friend told me I needed to learn to relax and suggested I take a yoga class.  And so my love affair with yoga began.

Since then, Yoga has taught me much about myself and life in general. These valuable lessons have also taught me much about motherhood. With my …

Yoga: A mood altering practice

Should I ever hit the lottery the first thing I'd do is hire a personal yoga instructor to come to my house every day!! I'm still feeling the effects of last night's yoga class. I'm always amazed at the difference in my mental state after yoga. I wonder if I could squeeze in a sadhana at the end of the day before bed every night.

I was still carrying the stress of the day with me when I got to class. As much as I love going to class normally, last night I wasn't in the mood to be around people. I just wanted to lock myself in a dark room and stay there for 3 days. Trying to remind myself that I always feel better after yoga I dragged myself to class. I got to class a bit later than usual so I didn't get my favorite spot. Such a little thing irritated me so much that I knew I really needed yoga to get me back to a state of equanimity.

It didn't take long before I was feeling calmer. With each release breath I could feel myself softening. The stress melted a…

Ask and you shall receive

Imagine for moment that you're lost.  You pull over and ask someone for directions.  The person says "I know exactly how to get there" and begins to give you the directions.  "Make a right at the next light......".
But you think to yourself, "those directions are too hard! I'm just going to continue straight on this road and hope for the best".   What are the chances you're going to get to your destination if you ignore the directions?

This morning I needed directions, spiritual directions.  I couldn't get my thoughts together for a bhavana (intention/theme) for this morning's yoga sadhana class.  With 15 minutes till I need to leave the house I realize that I need Divine guidance.  I sit on my meditation cushion in front of my alter and I close my eyes.
Silently I ask the Divine Mother for directions.  "What road should I take today?"

The intention I set for the week's yoga classes is the intention that I try to put …

Ever feel like yelling at the top of your lungs?

My dear friend, Lucia Gunzel, wrote a lovely children's book called "Cranky Pants" .  It's the story of a cranky little girl.   Today, I feel like I'm wearing my cranky pants!!

Every day, I try my very best to live according to the yogic principals that I've been studying.  With each sadhana is do, I ask the Divine Mother for guidance and support.  So why the hell do I feel so cranky??!!
I can't help but feel like my efforts are fruitless.  No matter what I do, someone is always upset with me.

Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?  Am I doing something wrong here?  Where is the bliss?  Where is the all the love and light I hear yogis talking about?  I must be doing something wrong!! Where's the yoga handbook?!  I need to review the instructions for life again I must have missed a step.

It's hard to think straight when you're cranky.  It's hard to keep your emotions under control.  When the pressure is turned up to high an explosion is inev…