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My lowest motherhood moment

Tonight I read an article on facebook about motherhood that I resonated with so much that I had to share it.  I want to share with you my own lowest point of motherhood.   I will save the commentary for the end. I hope you'll read this to the end.

 By 20 years old, I had purchased my first home and had a beautiful baby.  I also had a picture in my head of what things should be like.  When you flip through the parenting magazines while you're pregnant you see all those pictures of beautiful moms cuddling sweet, sleeping babies in beautiful homes.  I read all the books, watched Dr. Brazelton faithfully.  I was determined to do this motherhood thing right.  Unfortunately, my children didn't read the books.  They didn't follow the scripts that I had written for them in my head.

One morning, I'm struggling to get my oldest ready for school, my second ready for daycare, and myself ready for work.  That involved packing every one's lunch, making sure Amanda had all he…