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The other side of the mat

For years I've been attending the early morning yoga retreat week that happens at the change of each season.  For the last couple of years it's been the only time I get to practice with my favorite yoga teacher.  So when my favorite yoga teacher asked if I would lead the spring retreat week I was both disappointed (that I wouldn't get to practice with him) and at the same time incredibly honored and excited to lead it. The anxiety and nerves came later. 
As a student participating in the retreat  I have had first hand experience of it's profound nature. I wasn't, however, prepared for the profound revelation I would experience from the other side of the mat.  
Today is day 3 so the focus of the practice is the heart center.  I was nervous about setting the intention for our practice today.  The struggles with the heart center have been plentiful so it took quite a bit of introspection to try to find words that would inspire a yoga practice.  It reminded me of how i…

From Darkness to Light

From darkness to light
Woke up during the night with a nagging sense of lack.  I got out of my warm, comfy bed when the nagging feeling persisted.   Walking into the kitchen, where I prepared our dinner earlier, With the flick of the switch I have light. Turning on the faucet I fill a glass with clean drinking water.  "You're not doing a good job", "You need to do more", "What if  there isn't enough?"   The nagging, persistent thoughts continue.  Before going back to my warm, comfy bed I check on the kids. My healthy children are tucked into their warm comfy beds,  sleeping soundly.  As I crawl back under the warm, clean blanket on my warm comfy bed I listen to the furnace working hard to heat the home where my healthy, happy family is fast asleep in their own beds under their own warm blankets with their bellies full of the meal we shared together.   I try my best to get back to sleep.   Pushing away the nagging thoughts only makes them stronger.…