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Sit, dog, sit

We have a new puppy. I love this sweet little girl so much. But yesterday I wanted to take her back to the pound! (not really) She is no longer in the sweet, sleepy, cuddly phase of an infant. She's now is the exploring, tasting, barking phase of a toddler. While I'm cleaning up the shredded tissues from the living room floor she is chewing on a light bulb. Yes.. A light bulb. While I'm putting the light bulb away she's growling and barking at some invisible intruder in the dining room.

You see...Our first dog, Pumpkin, was a bad, bad dog. When we adopted Luna I was determined to be a good dog parent and train her properly. I have learned that there is no bad dog, just bad dog parents. As a determined dog mom, I know that the "training" needs to happen constantly. I can't let her get away with bad behavior not even once. Even when I'm completely exhausted I need to correct the bad behavior. It takes a lot of discipline for me too. In an effort to not…