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Lost: My inspiration

I haven't been feeling very inspired lately.  I sit down to write and nothing comes to me.  When something does come to me I can't find the words.  Writing isn't the only thing I don't feel inspired to do.  I haven't felt inspired to do much of anything.  I made it through Christmas without baking one cookie, without sending one Christmas card, without even putting out the Christmas hand towels.  My Zia so kindly pointed out that I used to do a lot of stuff that I no longer feel inspired to do. Why have I lost interest even in the things that used to bring me joy?

Where did my inspiration go?  More importantly, how do I get it back?

I suppose the first thing we should examine are the things that zap us of inspiration:

1) fatigue
2) stress
3) illness
4) mental exhaustion
5) poor diet
6) cold, wet weather

I'm sure there are many others but those are the ones that come to mind right now. Well, I can see what's zapping my inspiration.  How about you?  Now, l…

Who's driving your chariot?

Who needs cupcakes and cosmopolitans when you have yoga?

One of the students in my Tuesday evening yoga class calls this pose the "bong hit" pose.  She says it feels that good.  Recently I read an article about some researchers who were studying whether or not LSD and "magic" mushrooms had the same effect on people as yoga/meditation.  Wasn't that already studied by Ram Das and Tim Leary back in the day?  Oh, what do I know anyway?

Well, what I do know is what I experience for myself.  I have NO experience with LSD or mushrooms and I don't even know what a bong hit is so I have no idea how they compare to my meditation experience.   What I do know is the effects of my practice and how it compares to the effects of cupcakes and cosmopolitans. 

Yoga philosophy tells us that even things that bring us pleasure will eventually cause us suffering when we are driven by our senses.  I would agree with that.  The cupcakes are really delicious when you're eatin…