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My life as a yoga student

What did you do last week-end?  I spent the entire week-end in yoga-land!  It was our "advanced" yoga teacher training week-end.  Although I missed spending time with my family I have to admit that I totally, completely loved being immersed in yoga talk. 

The training is about the integration of Yoga and Ayurveda.  Ayurveda being the science of life.  It's the science of self-care.  (disclaimer:  I'm not an expert in Ayurveda or anything else for that matter - I'm just talking about what I've come to understand for myself and how it applies in my daily life)  The basic principals of Ayurveda are the 5 elements and how they are manifested in our body and mind and also in the environment and even the foods that we eat.   Ayurveda uses the terms Vata, Pitta, Kapha to describe the elements.  
ether & air =  Vata fire & water = Pitta water & earth = Kapha
I suppose I should mention that we have a natural constitution that we were born as based on which e…

State of Confusion......

Okay,  Now I know I'm crazy!! I've got a Barry Manilow song stuck in my head.  What's even worse is that the only words I remember are "I feel sad when you're sad.... I feel glad when you're glad".... Holy Hell!  Barry Manilow? Really?  Shouldn't I be hearing the Gayatri mantra or something? Is the Universe trying to tell me something? What yoga lesson does Barry Manilow have to teach me?

Years ago, when I first started meditating, I remember telling my teacher that all I wanted to achieve from the meditation practice was a sense of equanimity.  10 years later, I still find myself searching for this sense of equanimity.   There's a passage in the Upanishads which I can't remember exactly but the image I have in my head is this:   There's 2 birds sitting in the tree of life, eating the fruit - sometimes it's sour and sometimes it's sweet.  One bird avoids the sour and searches for the sweet fruit while the other just eats whichever…