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Christmas prayer

Here we are, December 4th, the holiday madness is in full swing. The old patterns of thinking try to creep back into our consciousness. The constant Christmas music
trying to convince us that this is "the most wonderful time of the year". The constant TV commercials trying to convince us that our families will love us more if we buy
them this thing or that. Everywhere you look there is propaganda showing beautifully decorated homes filled with happy, smiling families sitting down to a feast.

For years and years I tried to live up to this vision of what Christmas should look like. All the while fighting the underlying feelings of inadequacy. Year and after year there was always the feeling that next year will be better. Next year everything will be perfect. But year after year the feelings of anxiety and depression clouded this "most wonderful time of the year".

This year, however, is different. No, I haven't won the lottery, Martha Stewart has not …