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Love is the product

Love is the product It isn't something to buy It can't be forced It can't be demanded Love is the product  Love is the result of doing the hard work
What's the hard work?  digesting our experiences Both good and bad Each experience of our life is the work We integrate what we need to grow and  release what does not serve  and the product
We can't skip over the work and pretend it's love.  We aren't flawed if we feel anger, fear, shame, guilt.... these are valuable emotions that we can't run away from Digest these too learn the lesson being offered by each emotion and then release them
Love is the product It's the result Love is what comes when we learn to digest ALL  human experiences, the light and the darkness
Love is the product it's not all cotton candy, fairies and unicorns Love is result of facing fear head on  Love is the result of fighting the righteous fight Facing the darkness is sometimes required

Finding my way home

I've been trying and trying to post for weeks.  Something always prevented me.  Interestingly, I have a recurring dream in which I'm trying and trying to get home but something is always preventing me.
In the dream it's weird stuff like the sidewalk moves, the solid ground beneath my feet turns to quicksand. Doors won't open.  In real life, the things that have been preventing me have been equally weird, 
One of those weird things is having difficulty finding words to adequately express what I want to express.  In my dream I keep trying to get back home, no matter what the obstacle, no matter how exhausted I am.  I'm going to take that as a lesson that even though I'm having difficulty finding words I will  keep trying.  So.... Here goes.
You see my life has been turned upside down over the past year.  The difficulties, obstacles,  challenges, whatever you want to call them, are  being thrown at me faster and with more force than ever before.  There isn't e…