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Tag! You're it!

Remember when you used to play tag when you were a little kid?  Everyone would run away from the one kid who was IT.  If the IT kid would touch you then you were IT and you had to run around and try to tag someone else.   The first thing you did before the game began was to determine where home base was.  It was a pole or car or someplace where you could go if you needed a breather from running.  As long as you were on home base you couldn't be tagged.   Home base for me is my yoga mat or aka the magic carpet.

I unroll the mat and the first thing that happens is I take a deep breath; I don't even have to think about it. Yesterday morning I left my house to teach a class and I was feeling agitated and frustrated.  I get to the studio and the fireplace is already on.  I had some time before the students arrived so I unrolled my mat.  I needed a breather from life.  I needed some time on home base to catch my breath.

As I stepped on the mat my breath deepened.  Already I felt c…

Tis the season for stress.... Or is it?

The vegetable garden hasn't even been winterized yet but there's Christmas music playing on the radio.   The stores are decorated, the commercials are advertising all these great deals for stuff that you just have to have to make your Christmas perfect and that sense of overwhelming anxiety has made it's appearance in my life. 

When life starts to move too fast it seems only logical that something has to give.  Typically, it's our yoga practice. We start to think that maybe that time could be better spent getting ready for the holidays.  Writing out Christmas cards, wrapping gifts before the kids get up.  Rather than going to a yoga class we find ourselves standing in line at Toys R Us.  By the time Christmas day arrives  our nerves are shot and we're feeling exhausted and ready to hibernate for the rest of the winter.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

I read a yoga blog this week that reminded me of the importance of discipline with regard to regular practice.  Th…

Feeling the shakti today!

I've been very much aware, the last couple of weeks, of this strong feminine energy.  I feel the guidance of the Divine Mother.   She is guiding me, sometimes not exactly in the direction I want to go but I feel that it's definitely feminine energy that is guiding me.

The Shakti (feminine energy) continued to flow today as I spent the afternoon in the company of 11 beautiful woman.  We all came together for sadhana.  As I sat in the circle what struck me was how the circle represented all different stages of womanhood.   From our littlest guest who is only 10 weeks old to our birthday girl who is celebrating her 76th birthday.  Each one of us coming to the circle bringing the energy of our soul and our life experiences. 

Through an interesting series of events I find myself drawn to the Goddess Durga.  I don't know much about her yet.  I was told a story of Durga being a fierce warrior.  She is also considered a great protector.  She creates a barrier around you to protec…

Which way to enlightenment??

Funny thing happened to me on the way to enlightenment.  One minute I'm feeling the grace of the Divine and I'm feeling like I got a grip on things and I am firmly walking in the bliss of yoga and the next minute.... WHAM!
I find myself back in the bottom of this black hole wondering what the hell happened. 

Sometimes I sit on my meditation cushion and I feel peaceful and content and other times meditation leaves me feeling sad and agitated and well - dis-content.  What's different?  The practice is the same - the effect is different.  Why? 

I feel myself getting sucked into this mental drama.  Feeling myself chewing this "mental chewing gum" and I don't want to go there.  It doesn't really matter anyway, right?  I just have to keep getting myself to the meditation cushion. 

Some days the stress of my life makes me turn to my sadhana - other days the stress makes me daydream about cupcakes and cosmopolitans.  The stress is the same - the effect differ…

Clean Sweep

(In an effort to continue last night's theme of playing my edge I'm sharing a post that I wrote a while back but for whatever reason haven't felt comfortable sharing it.   I'm stepping gracefully out of my comfort zone)

Ever watch that show on TLC called Clean Sweep? The show's crew shows up at some random family's home and cleans out some area of the house that is over-run with clutter. They remove everything from the space and sort it out into 3 categories.

* Stuff that's useful and supports the general theme of the space - stays

* Stuff that's useful and helpful to someone else is sold and the money
   made is used to add things to make the space more beautiful

* Stuff that's not useful and only creates clutter is thrown away

The end result it a peaceful, organized, comfortable space for the family to live in. What we need is for the Clean Sweep crew to help us with the clutter that we have in our emotional body that is preventing us from liv…

Ah... I love Tuesday night yoga!

In tonight's yoga class my teacher talked about playing our edge.  I've been contemplating this idea for some time actually.   What exactly does playing the edge mean?   From the aspect of the asana practice playing the edge may mean attempting plow pose even though I hate it.  While playing the edge tonight I realized that when I play my edge the natural tendency for me is to judge myself.  "I suck as a yogi because I can't even do plow pose" is the thought I caught myself thinking tonight. 

Interesting things happen when we "play our edge".   There's always that challenge of finding the balance between playing the edge and pushing (which I also tend to do).  There you are in side angle pose with your forearm on your knee when the teacher gives you the option to lower your hand onto the floor.  Okay, you play the edge.  You try it.  You lower your hand to the floor. Maybe it's good and you stay there or maybe it's too much, you're pushi…