Feeling the shakti today!

I've been very much aware, the last couple of weeks, of this strong feminine energy.  I feel the guidance of the Divine Mother.   She is guiding me, sometimes not exactly in the direction I want to go but I feel that it's definitely feminine energy that is guiding me.

The Shakti (feminine energy) continued to flow today as I spent the afternoon in the company of 11 beautiful woman.  We all came together for sadhana.  As I sat in the circle what struck me was how the circle represented all different stages of womanhood.   From our littlest guest who is only 10 weeks old to our birthday girl who is celebrating her 76th birthday.  Each one of us coming to the circle bringing the energy of our soul and our life experiences. 

Through an interesting series of events I find myself drawn to the Goddess Durga.  I don't know much about her yet.  I was told a story of Durga being a fierce warrior.  She is also considered a great protector.  She creates a barrier around you to protect you until you are strong enough to fight alongside of her.   I've read that she fights for righteousness.   This is the energy that I resonate with the most.  I  feel a sense of wanting and needing to protect and fight for righteousness.  (Yes, I know, I'm not the fairness police)

This afternoon's workshop was a way for me to proctect others by introducing them to these beautiful Wise Earth Ayurveda sadhanas.

Protecting others, like our children, from harm is very natural and instinctual.  A mother holding her little one close to her is very natural.   But what about protecting ourselves?  We heard from one of our guests that when she turned 70 years old she made a conscious decision to take care of herself and she turned to Ayurveda.  For me, protecting myself is not so natural or instinctual.  During my morning sadhana what came to me is that it's absolutely necessary to protect ourselves from negative outside influences.  Protecting ourselves physically and mentally/emotionally.  Still that little voice is there asking "really? are you sure you're not being selfish?".  (How many years of practice do I need before that little voice of self-doubt goes away?)

The voice of the Divine Mother was answering this question through the words of our teacher in this afternoon's workshop.   She talked about how important it is for us to take care of ourselves, especially during the junction period which is the transitions from one season into another.  We learned the importance of eating with the seasons to protect us physically and how important it is to make preparing food a sadhana which helps to protect us mentally/emotionally.    Today's experience reinforced for me the importance of daily spiritual practice. 

Whether it's blessing your hands before preparing a meal or chanting mantras as you make ghee or grind spices or simply offering a prayer each morning upon waking you are setting an intention of acknowledging the sacred.  Acknowledging the presence of the Divine in all of life.   It gives you a new sense of awareness about every thing you do and about the energy that is all around you.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are influenced by the energy around us.  We drawn in the positive, healing, nurturing energy through our sadhana.  We protect ourselves from the negative, harmful energy through our sadhana.

We don't have to worry, if we get lost or confused the Divine Mother will lovely guide us.  What? you aren't receiving the Divine Mother's guidance? - Do sadhana - You'll feel her presence in your life just like I am right now.

Someone today asked me for a receipe and I jokingly replied it's an ancient chinese secret.  The ancient yogic secret is this:  All that you seek can be found in daily spiritual practice - Sadhana.

Jai Ma!


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