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Authentically vulnerable

I make a very conscientious effort to be authentic in every area of my life.  Authenticity is something that I value. So many times I've heard myself saying "This is me, the good, the bad, and the ugly".

I really believed these statements to be true.  Then one day I was talking to a friend about how someone hurt my feelings.  I told him that I was upset with this person.  "No, I haven't told him how I feel" I tell my friend.   I value my relationship with this person and I'm afraid that if I tell him how I feel that it may put a strain on the relationship.  Is this relationship that I value authentic?  How can it be authentic if I don't feel like it could handle an honest conversation?

Someone I know is behaving in a way that makes me uncomfortable. Sneaking around, gossiping, and looking to make trouble for others.  I considered this person a friend but her behavior making it hard to continue being her friend.  How can I trust her? Trust is the fou…

Sometimes I struggle.

Sometimes I struggle.... It's hard to understand God's master plan.  It's all perfect the yoga teacher says. Today the perfection is hidden behind the struggles like the sun hidden behind the clouds. 
Sometimes I struggle.... The shadow emotions hit me like a tidal wave.  The wind gets knocked out of me.  Dear God... I'm trying to have faith. I try to remember your Grace that flows so abundantly some days. Today is just one moment.  Tomorrow another. 
Sometimes I struggle.... I am not the general contractor of the universe that position is already filled. Arrogance is behind my desire for life to be different than what it is. After all how can I presume to know better than God how things should be. 
Sometimes I struggle.... I want to fight against the injustice and injury.  I want to cry at the sadness.  My tears wash away the ego that clouds my inner vision. It's all in God's hands.  
Sometimes I struggle... Then I remember the power behind it all. "Know him …