Catch me I'm falling.......

"There are so few things in life you can trust".......Really?........ This is the crazy thought that hijacked my mind this morning.  Apparently, meditation is working to unearth these crazy false belief patterns that are stuck in my consciousness.  You would think that since I have been meditating regularly, systematically and with sustained enthusiasm for the past 10 years that I wouldn't have anything left to 'unearth'.  There is obviously more work to be done.

The difference today was that as the thought came up I immediately saw it for what it was...... Completely false.   Although I know in my head that this belief "there are so few things in life you can trust" is false there is still a part of me, deep down that operates from this false belief.   We unconsciously look for circumstances in our life that support this false belief and then we tell ourselves "see this is why I can't trust anyone".   We don't open our hearts fully, not trusting means not loving fully.  These false belief patterns have such a strong influence in how we show up for life. 

For as many examples I can think of that support this false belief, If I look hard enough I can think of just as many examples to support how false that belief is. 

Ultimately, it will be up to me to decide what I want to do with this belief pattern now that it has been brought to my attention.   We all have them. (please tell me I'm not the only one) What are we going to do about them is the ten million dollar question.   Trust is a big one that I'm examining in my life right now.   I'm remembering a sitcom that I used to watch.  One friend was asked to turn her back toward the other person and let herself fall back, trusting that her friend wouldn't let her fall.  Of course, since it was a sitcom, you can imagine that the other person got distracted and let her fall.  It wasn't that the friend couldn't trust the other person.  The other person didn't intentionally let her fall.  The other person just got distracted.  Maybe it's the same in the circumstances in my life where I felt like a friend let me fall.

I realize that the other person wasn't intentionally doing something to hurt me.  They didn't let me fall because they didn't care or love me.  It was simply that they were distracted with the drama of their own circumstances. It doesn't mean that I can't trust them just that I need to be sure that they aren't distracted before I fall. (Well, I'm not sure that makes sense either but you get the idea).  I'm hearing my friend, Jon, in my head right now.   "It ain't all about you, hon"  Ain't that the truth!!  That's something you can trust and believe in.

It ain't all about us.  Sometimes we interrupt someone else's action as an attack on us when in reality it isn't.  We don't know if the person who appears to have snub us is distracted or maybe needs us to catch them because they are falling. 

So today's lesson of the day is to step back from the false belief and look at it from the place of the witness.  See it for what it is..... Just a random thought, like a passing cloud....Look at it, then let it go.
Bringing your awareness back to your heart.  In your heart, you know the difference between what is true and what is false.  It's your heart, not your head that you can trust.

“Remember, always, there is an Intelligence which
Pervades all of nature, and It knows best how to work.
It even knows what is best for us. We do the best we
Can to prepare ourselves for the reception of God’s grace, and then
We relax, firm in the assurance that all is well”.
~Roy Eugene Davis~


  1. I don't know if I am reading into this the way I should, but just so you know I am your friend and I will always love you and your family! Sometimes things change the ways of life and what we do. Sometimes things change and make "normal" patterns change. Like falling in love, parents divorcing,more yoga classes or teaching more yoga! Just know that, that doesn't mean feelings or hearts change. Most times, timing is an issue. Not just for one person but for both. No blame laying, just trying to make sence and assurance that I know one friend that I will always be there for, wether believed or not! Never forgotten and never will. Hope this makes sence to you Mi.

  2. Michelle, In no way was this post referring to you! I know things change. I totally understand that. I love you! You've been my friend since the 8th grade so you should know if I had something to say I would just say it! No worries. I'm here for you too. That's never going to change! Even when life gets in the way in my heart you're always going to be my best friend!

  3. I'm saying this to myself as much as I am to you: even if the snub seems to be directed at you, it may be about something else that even the snubber doesn't know. I've been having this problem with family members lately in which they get mad at me--totally out of proportion for what the alleged crime may be. It is because it is easier to be mad at me than to wrestle with the issue that confronts them. People work this way. It is yet another opportunity for detachment.

  4. I Totally get the whole detachment thing but (forgive me for a moment
    as I step out of Yogaland). Detachment sucks!!
    Okay, back to yogaland..... Attachment leads to suffering I get it.

  5. Same goes for me Mi! I love you and your family as well and will always have a shoulder and an ear for you if you ever need it! We will get back to eachother at one point!


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