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Here's the view from my meditation cushion.  Look closely, do you see any sunlight?  No.  Me neither.
Not until I'm deep in meditation that is.  The most interesting things happen during and after meditation.   [Forgive me if I'm breaking some meditation rule about not sharing the details]

My meditation space is in my basement and although there are 2 small windows it's still the basement.
The point is that the sun cannot shine directly into the space.  So explain to me how/why while deep in meditation I experience the sensation that I am looking directly into the shinning sun on a beautiful summer day?  You know when you're on the beach and you close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun?
You can feel the warmth of the sun and feel the brightness even with your eyes closed.   Then suddenly a bird flies by and for a second there's a shadow in the brightness. 

Not only have I been experiencing the intense brightness but also the shadows.  When it fir…

The law of attraction

You know that scene in the scary movies where the lady in the high heels is running away from the scary whatever she's afraid of?  She's so worried about running away that she doesn't pay attention to where she's running to.   Ultimately ending up at a dead end only to have no choice but to face her fears.  

"Move with the flow of attraction rather than from repulsion" ~Kaypacha
Imagine how different the scene would be if we were moving with the flow of attraction rather than running away from fear?   I should clarify here.  I'm not talking about letting our senses control what we do.  The senses after all, are subject to likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain.  I'm talking about what our soul, our essence is attracted to.  What is your soul attracted to?  Spiritual evolution, devotion, unconditional love, union with the Divine.  These are the qualities that our true nature is ultimately attracted to.  
Imagine how different the scene would be if in…

message of Manipura

Manipura - Gateway of the Sun
Manipura means shinning Gem (City of Jewels) It’s color is Yellow/Orange Symbolized by lotus flower with 10 petals Element: Fire Sense of taste
Bija mantra: Ram 
The fire that ignites the light of consciousness rising up from the lower, more earthly chakras
Located: between the navel and the solar plexus, at the base of the sternum It is the power center. It’s purpose is transformation. It’s the place where we digest and transform things in life. It’s task is to over come inertia, to move.
When balanced the person feels at ease, flowing, flexible, empowered and confident.
When unbalanced, it creates a feeling of frustration, arrogance, lack of confidence, shame, and jealousy, aggressive, judgmental
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What Manipura taught me today was that we have unbounded power within us.  The real power is our ability to choose one thought over another. 
We may not have power over external situations and circumstances but we do have the power to choose how those…

This I pray.....

If worrying was an Olympic sport I'd be a gold medal winner for sure.  I've spent the last two weeks worrying about my daughter.  I wasn't expecting this.  I wasn't prepared for anything to be wrong.  Is anyone ever prepared for challenges?  My mind has been spinning out of control for the last two weeks.  Completely consumed with worry.  What can I do?  "Just pray" is the standard advice when no one knows what to do. 

I'm no stranger to worrying.  I've been practicing my entire life it seems.  I'm also no stranger to praying.  I've been practicing my entire life.  "God, please......" begins each of my prayers followed by my "prayer" or should I say wish or request. 

While consumed by my own worry I wasn't prepared for the text I received from a friend.  Her daughter is in serious trouble.  I wasn't expecting anything to be wrong.... I wasn't prepared....Is anyone ever prepared for challenges?  Was my friend p…