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Do you see the value?

While teaching a class last week-end one of the students expressed that she felt what we were doing seemed very superficial. I considered what she said and suggested that the external process of learning to observe can be internalized so that we can begin to observe ourselves. The observation process is so very important. The problem comes when the observations become judgments and criticism. The learning comes when the observation process is internalized so that we can begin to observe our own patterns and beliefs. The progress is made when we can observe our internal process and make changes where changes are needed. The hard part is staying neutral and non-judgmental.

This exchange with the student was more a lesson for me than her. She already knows that what's happening externally is very superficial. I was the one who needed the reminder. "It's not about the external posture; yoga is about how you FEEL in the posture." How often have I said this in class…

All dogs go to Heaven

Our family had to say good-bye to this sweet little face and our hearts are broken. As bad as he was he completely stole my heart from day one. I loved him like a child... A problem child. The last two days without have felt like a part of me is missing. I'm sad beyond measure but I don't have any sappy dog stories to share. You see, Pumpkin was no ordinary dog. As I mentioned, he was a problem child. Look at that face!! God made him especially cute so that we didn't kill him!! Although there were moments when I was ready to.

Many of you have heard my "Pumpkin tales". To the amusement of my family and friends I have shared the stories of Pumpkin busting out of the wrought iron crate and breaking his nails in the process. Yes, everyone thought it was hilarious except for me. I was cleaning up the laundry room that looked like a murder scene from CSI.

At one of the kids birthday parties Pumpkin jumped onto the window sill and was digging in my plants. Li…