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The tree said...Let Go!

When summer comes to an end, do the trees struggle to release their leaves?   When night comes, does the sun struggle against the darkness?  Do the flowers, at the end of their time, struggle to hold on to their petals? 
At the end of the winter, does the ice resist melting into the soil?  Does a seed hold tight and fight against the cracking open? 
The answers can be heard in the whispers of the wind through the tress. 
The tress do not struggle against the changing of the seasons.  At the end, the leaves  are gracefully, effortless released from the tress.  The wise old tree knows that in order for the new leaves to grow it must first release the old. 
 The moon doesn't fight the ever changing phases. The wise old moon knows that in order  for it to be full again, it must first surrender to the darkness. 
The sun doesn't struggle against the darkness.  The wise old sun knows that in order to fully appreciate the light we must first experience the darkness. 
Does the seed k…