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Another adventure in yoga-land

Here's the thing....In order to make room for new and exciting things we have to get rid of the old things that are no longer useful. I know that and you know that, at least on an intellectual level. So why the hell do we resist letting go of things that no longer serve us?

We will either willingly surrender or the universe will rip it from us, painfully. Intellectually, willingly surrendering seems like the logical option. We know it's for our own good but still we resist.

Last week I was talking to a mom who was weaning her little one off the binky (pacifier). Having been through the trauma of weaning little ones myself I listened sympathetically. Remembering the sleepless nights listening to my own children crying for the security and comfort of their binky. It's a heart wrenching experience as the mother taking away your child's binky or blankie. First we encourage our babies to sooth themselves with these things. Our babies feel safe and secure when they have th…

Lost with no direction

I'm not a fan of places where big crowds of people gather... aka: state fairs, amusement parks, etc.
Kids, on the other hand, love chaos.  Naturally, state fairs, amusement parks, (the dreaded) Chuck e. Cheeses are inevitable when you have kids.   As soon as we'd arrive at one of these places I'd feel myself starting to panic.  OMG!  What if the kids get lost.  What if someone steals them.  What if one of the tigers gets loose and eats them.  As my lovely daughter pointed out recently.... I'm paranoid.

I've been practicing Svadhyaya -- Self-study.  What I've been most challenged with lately is my attachment to people and my desire to control.   They seem to go hand in hand for me.  

The love I have for my kids is so great that I would die for them without a moment's hesitation.  I am without a doubt attached to them.  Show me a mother that isn't.   My control freak nature plays out in my wanting to control their lives in an effort to keep them safe.   …

Practice what you preach!

"Oh God!  I would rather the world be coming to an end right now than to have to go to work."
That's how I started my day yesterday.  I wish I could tell you that the feeling didn't last but it sort of did.
Now, don't get me wrong I am grateful to have a job.  I recognize that I am very fortunate to have a job that offers me decent pay for respectable work.  I get that.   However, it's getting harder and harder to show up every day to sit behind a desk and push papers for 8 hours. 

"Holy Crap!  I hope the Universe didn't hear that!"
That was the next thought.  I have experienced the amazing phenomenon of the Universe providing exactly what you asked for.  Well.....Not EXACTLY what you wish for.
Perhaps Monday was made more challenging by the fact that I had the privilege of spending the week-end teaching a new group of yoga teacher trainees.  Sharing my passion for yoga makes me feel alive.  It's what feeds my soul.  It's where I feel…