A letter to God

I've written and deleted this letter to God about 100 times.  I keep deleting it because it sounds so desperate.  I find myself asking God..... why?  Why do people have to suffer?  Why is there so much turmoil and despair?  I beg.....Merciful God!  Give us a break!  Please God! I think the switch is broken because it feels like the world is spinning out of control!!  I start to think that maybe the Mayans were right.  Maybe 12/21/12 is the end of the world.  Today I was sitting at my desk thinking that if the world is going to end next month I don't want to spend my last days pushing papers behind a desk.

Do you see why I had to delete the 100 previous posts?

Okay.... Let me start again. 

Dear God,

I know that even though it feels like the world is spinning out of control it really isn't it.  I know that you have everything under control.  I know that even though it feels like everything is coming to an end that you are only creating space for something different.   I know that even though things are changing at a head spinning pace you know exactly the changes that are required for your master plan.

I understand that  the challenges you give us are opportunities for spiritual evolution.  No challenge is every random or arbitrary.   Each and every moment of our lives is perfectly orchestrated by you.   Even when it doesn't feel that way. 

From our limited perspective life seems desperate right now.  It isn't until we remember you that we realize that everything happens for a reason.  Even when we don't understand what the reason is.

It seems to me that tragedy brings out the best in people.  Remember after the attacks of 9/11 how everyone, everywhere seemed to join forces to offer support.  People everywhere were praying.  After a natural disaster people everywhere want to help in whatever way they can.  People put aside their differences when times are desperate.

I am sensing that this is the reason for all the turmoil in the world.   You are calling us to join together to help one another.  If we don't do it willingly we will be forced to by war and other disasters.   Why is it that it takes a Hurricane for people to offer a helping hand to a neighbor?  It's madness. 

I'm trying, God, to shake people and make them see that the old ways of living are not working.  It's time for drastic changes.  It's time for people to come together for the greater good....but it seems no one is listening.   How do I make people see that supporting one another is more than just lip service.  It means
helping others even when it's inconvenient.  It's about putting other people's needs before your own.

I know you want people to see that their old ways of coping with difficulties will no longer work but how do I get them to understand.  How can I make people understand that sticking their head in the sand and avoiding their problems won't work.  We are all being called to look in the mirror and make drastic changes before you do it for us.

God help me to remember and when I remember, help me to remind others.



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