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Do you see what's right in front of you?

I'm completely amazed at how the universe provides us with exactly what we need all the time and yet we still keep looking.

My last post was my lament about the absence of a spiritual community.  Last week I was fortunate enough to spend each morning in the most supportive, nurturing community - Shiva Das' morning yoga retreat. The support is there - We need only to open to it.  When we get lost in our own thoughts we don't see what's right in front of us. 

Last week I reached out to a yoga teacher and invited her to come to my home to offer one of her workshops.  I was so happy that she agreed. Just a couple of days later I see her at a kirtan.   I introduce her to a friend. This friend was telling me earlier that day that she was looking for a children's yoga teacher training program. Wouldn't you know, the yoga teacher I introduced her to offers that training. 

I have been chatting with another student in SD's Tuesday evening class for months.  I had …

The importance of Sangha

Years ago I used to go to weight watcher meetings.  They were sort of like a support group for people struggling with food issues.  Much like an AA meeting.  It wasn't required to stay for the meetings. You could just go and do the weigh in and leave.  The general consensus was that when you stayed for the meeting you always ended up doing better that week.  I remember once the leader saying that she become a leader because she knew that it was the only way that she'd be able to keep her weight under control.  She needed that constant support.

I've discovered that the same holds true for sadhana (daily spiritual practice).  When I have the support of a sangha (community) I tend to do better.  Whether it's participating in a study group, taking a class, or meditating with a teacher, when the reinforcement is there it fuels the inner fire.  That's just the way it is.  I've been reading an interesting magazine called Hinduism Today.  There was an article about th…

Jakey goes to school........

Somewhere along the way on this yogic path we learn that the challenges we face are opportunities for growth. We know that each difficult person we meet has crossed our path to teach us valuable lessons. The dilemma I'm facing this week is how do I explain these concepts to my 7 year old son. Can I teach these lessons or does he have to learn them in his own time, in his own way?

With his back-pack filled with brand new copybooks and freshly sharpened number 2 pencils I sent my baby off to the first day of second grade. He did remarkably well last year so I didn't expect any trouble this year. He no sooner steps foot off the bus the first day and he tells me he's not going back. He hates 2nd grade. His teacher is mean and she scares him. Okay, I have to admit that my first reaction was that he just needs to adjust after spending the whole summer home with his father.
He's gone to nurse's office 2 out of the 5 days he's been in school. Each day he's gotten…


I feel compelled to tell you about a teacher I meet several years ago.  Her name was Betheyla.  The problem lies in the fact that I don't know anything about her.  Even still, I feel like I need to tell you about her and my experience with her. 

In March of 2007 I found myself in a workshop called Ayru-Yoga which was taught by Betheyla.  I was a brand new yoga teacher with no formal training but a strong desire to learn anything and everything I could about yoga.   I have no idea how I ended up in that class but in hindsight I'd have to say that it was the work of the Divine that brought me there that day.

At the time the material was definitely over my head but I loved every minute of the workshop.  I didn't actually have a conversation with her but at one point Betheyla was lining us up based on our Ayurvedic constitution.  From the most vata to the most kapha.  She put her hand on my arm and looked directly into my eyes.  I can't say that I ever remember anyone lo…

This too shall pass

Have you ever felt like you're wearing a heavy, wet, wool blanket over your shoulders? You know that feeling of just over-all heaviness. Yeah, me too. Everywhere you turn everyone has a sad story to tell. People are all experiencing major shifts and changes in their lives. Yesterday I got an email newsletter from an Astrologer who writes articles about the "forecast" for the world in general. Perhaps it was the mood I was in at the time I read the newsletter but I honestly had a strong desire to slap that guy! Luckily for him I'm practicing ahimsa (non-harming) Do we really need a reminder about how terrible the state of our world is right now? I don't think so. Besides, isn't he projecting into the future and not living in the present? Isn't the idea to learn to live in the present moment?

When I began noticing the heaviness in myself I decided to take the emotions out of it and apply what I've learned about Ayurveda. I've learned to recognize t…