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Let your light shine!

Can I tell you how shocked I was to discover that I have been carrying this crazy little belief "I'm not good enough" even into my spiritual practice!! I knew that this little statement has played a huge role in my life but I never thought that I was carrying it even into my sadhana. What the hell was I thinking - Of course I was!! That's the problem with these little beliefs - they are so ingrained in us that they effect every aspect of our lives. They are sneaky, so sneaky that we don't even realize just how much we are affected by them. Well, the light has been turned on and now I see it. There's no hiding - it's time for this little bugger to be exterminated from my consciousness once and for all!!

The little bugger that has been infesting my life is "I'm not good enough". Yours might be different. Regardless of what the belief is that we are carrying around, I say that it's time to turn the light on and see it for what it is -- fal…

What is your relationship to sadhana?

At the beginning of a new relationship we are excited and everything is wonderful and we want to spend all our time with our new beloved. We're so happy that we want to shout it for the roof-tops. We wonder why everyone isn't in love - it's such a wonderful state to be in. This is the honeymoon phase.

Suddenly, it's not so exciting. There are challenges. We need to learn to work with the challenges and use them to strength the relationship but it's hard and takes work. For some, too much work. There's no doubt that the honeymoon is over. This is usually the time when people begin to long for the honeymoon bliss and they begin to think that maybe their beloved isn't the right person for them. Then someone new catches their eye and the bliss of the honeymoon phase begins again. For a while anyway and then the real work of being in a relationship begins and again - discontent sets in and cycle begins again.

Some folks however, work through the challenges, th…

What have you learned today?

During a recent visit to yogaland aka: Yoga On Main I was listening to everyone share such moving and profound things and after each person spoke I could feel myself wanting to chime in with my "2 cents" worth. "Yeah, yeah! I know what you mean! That's happened to me too!". But my turn for sharing had passed and I sat quietly taking in the wisdom that was being offered by my fellow yogis.

Here are a few little golden nuggets of wisdom that I feel compelled to share with you.

* Trying to stuff your feelings in an effort to avoid expressing them doesn't work.

* Not all your feelings are going to be all warm and fluffy - and that's okay - what
   matters is not how you feel exactly, but rather what you do with those feelings and how you handle
   them that really matters.

* The practice of meditation helps us to step back into our heart before we speak so that when we do
   speak, our words are more loving and compassionate.

* Even in the midst of c…

Oh.... I forgot.

"I know I know but sometimes I forget and when I remember, then I know"*.  As I begin to come out of this fog that has been filling my mind I begin to remember all the things that I have forgotten.

During this morning's practice I remembered that it's not about the external pose but what's going on internally during the practice.  I forgot but now I remember - now I know.   It's about relaxing into the pose and letting the asanas unfold as I step back from the thoughts and witness the grace of the practice as it unfolds organically. 

I have been lost in the jungle of my mind.  I've been stuck in quick sand and suffocating under the heaviness of the jungle environment.  I forgot that the more I struggle, the more entangled I become - but now I remember - now I know.  It's about surrendering into the flow of life - even if it's not moving in the direction that I want to go.  When I'm lost in the mind I find the flow of grace in the flow of my b…