The law of attraction

You know that scene in the scary movies where the lady in the high heels is running away from the scary whatever she's afraid of?  She's so worried about running away that she doesn't pay attention to where she's running to.   Ultimately ending up at a dead end only to have no choice but to face her fears.  

"Move with the flow of attraction rather than from repulsion" ~Kaypacha

Imagine how different the scene would be if we were moving with the flow of attraction rather than running away from fear?   I should clarify here.  I'm not talking about letting our senses control what we do.  The senses after all, are subject to likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain.  I'm talking about what our soul, our essence is attracted to.  What is your soul attracted to?  Spiritual evolution, devotion, unconditional love, union with the Divine.  These are the qualities that our true nature is ultimately attracted to.  

Imagine how different the scene would be if instead of running away from our fears we shifted our focus and put our energy into those things that bring us closer to the true goal of life which is communion with God.
With our focus always on God perhaps we wouldn't have so many fears chasing us down the dark alleys of our minds.

I invite you to focus more on moving forward towards those things and people who fulfill, and inspire you and  less on what you fear and what holds you back.  

 "Move with the flow of attraction rather than from repulsion"

Those of you who know me know that I am a total control freak.  So imagine my delight when I learned in my Ayurveda studies that I do have some control.  I have control over the state of my mind which will translate into control over my physical well being!!  How do you like that?  The mind creates the body.  A healthy, happy mind will create a healthy, happy body.

It's true, we can't control other people. We can't control our external circumstances.  We CAN, however, control our thoughts.  We can control in which direction we chose to move.  Are we moving forward, attracted to higher thoughts and emotions like joy, freedom, love, devotion? or Are we simply running away from our fears with no clear path ahead of us? 

Back to lady in the scary movie...Don't you just want to yell...."HEY LADY, TAKE OFF THE HEELS YOU'LL HAVE A BETTER CHANCE!!"  Ultimately, we will all need to face our fears. One way or another.  There's no use trying running away from them.  The quicker you face your fears the quicker you can move on.  Facing your fears is sort of like taking of your high heels..... sort least you'll have a better chance.

"Move with the flow of attraction rather than from repulsion"


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