From Darkness to Light

From darkness to light

Woke up during the night with a nagging sense of lack. 
I got out of my warm, comfy bed when the nagging feeling persisted.  
Walking into the kitchen, where I prepared our dinner earlier,
With the flick of the switch I have light.
Turning on the faucet I fill a glass with clean drinking water. 
"You're not doing a good job", "You need to do more", "What if 
there isn't enough?"  
The nagging, persistent thoughts continue. 
Before going back to my warm, comfy bed I check on the kids.
My healthy children are tucked into their warm comfy beds,
 sleeping soundly. 
As I crawl back under the warm, clean blanket on my warm comfy bed
I listen to the furnace working hard to heat the home where my healthy,
happy family is fast asleep in their own beds under their own warm
blankets with their bellies full of the meal we shared together.  
I try my best to get back to sleep. 
 Pushing away the nagging thoughts only makes them stronger.  

Then I remember the mantra... My saving Grace. 

In between the mantra and the thoughts of lack there's Grace.
It's there, in the Grace, that I heard the whispers of the Divine.
" It is the mind that frees us or enslaves..." 
It's the mind that senses lack 
It's in the heart that Love resides. 
Change the focus from the mind to the heart
A shift in perspective happens
The sense lack shifts to an enormous sense of gratitude. 
Gratitude for the what I do have.  Gratitude for my teachers that have 
pointed me in the direction of my heart and taught me the tools I need to
see and feel the guidance and Grace of the Divine 

I drift off to sleep in my warm, comfy bed with a shift in perspective. 


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