Lead me from darkness to light

What is real?  Are you real?  Do you say what you mean and mean what you say?  What is real?  Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

What is real?  You talk about love but do you really love?  What is real?  Love and serve is on the menu but when you order it all that arrives is an empty plate.   What is real?

It's hard to see what is real from what is smoke and mirrors.  It's hard to see what is real from what is a facade.    The world around me seems too shallow for real swimming.  You can only wade in the waters but too dangerous to dive in.

What is real? My eyes see people extending a hand but when I reach for it....it's not real.  It's an illusion.
My ears are hearing words of support and love yet when I turn towards them....it's not real.  It's an illusion.

What is real? I've become so engrossed in the movie that when the lights come on I am shocked to find that I'm not  in the movie.  I'm only watching it.  "It felt so real!"  I believed that I was actually living a part in the movie!!  It's both a little disappointing to realize that it wasn't real but also a relief.  It's a relief to not have to play a role and to be real.

I'm still searching for what is real.  The more I turn on the light of consciousness through the daily practice of meditation the easier it is to see the reality from the illusion. 

The trouble is that my human heart still feels sadness when the realization that what I thought was real was only an illusion hits me.   The sadness of it overshadows the fact I should be rejoicing that the veils are lifting. 

What is real?  What you say or what you do?   It's not enough to talk the yoga talk.   What is real,  a  yogi who spends his days talking about love and service or the yogi who is in the background loving and serving when no one is looking? What is real?  Is love and support real when no one actually receives it? 

The illusion is no longer enough.  The dress rehearsal for life is over.  It's time to get real.  It's not enough to talk about love and service.  It's time to practice what you preach.  It's time to turn off the movie and start living your message. 

What is real?  Say what you mean..... Mean what you say.   Only offer what you are actually willing to give.   It's time to get real people!   It's time to live your message; wearing it on your shirt is no longer enough.  Don't talk about love and service unless you're ready to get your hands dirty and your heart involved.   Lip service is not real service.   It's no longer enough. 

In order for the message of love and service to be real it needs to be real all the time.  Even when it's inconvenient or when you're sick or tired.  

Are you real?  Or just an illusion?


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