The teacher is waiting.....

The deeper I go in meditation the more vivid and real my dreams are.  At least that's what it seems like.  Today a message I received in a dream keeps coming back to me over and over.  I may have shared this dream already as it happened some time ago.  If I did I hope your memory is as short as mine and you won't mind the repeating.

The dream goes like this......

There's a teacher sitting in a room preparing to teach a class.  I'm really eager to hear what she has to say. I'm there waiting for the "class" to start.  You see, I'm so excited that she was there because she left her body before I got to know her.  Before I even realized that she was my teacher she was gone. 

The teacher is sitting, smiling, waiting. Waiting for everyone to settle down.  She doesn't get angry that people are talking and walking around and completely ignoring the fact that she has some very profound things to say. She simply waits.  I'm not so patient.  I'm getting frustrated.  I'm getting angry.  I want to hear what she has to say.  People are talking to me.  They are distracting me when all I want to do is hear what the teacher has to say.   Still the distractions continue and frustration grows.

The lesson is this......

The "teacher" is waiting patiently for our minds to settle down.  There's no use for the teacher to offer words of wisdom when we aren't listening.  When our minds are distracted, the teacher waits.  Knowing that we aren't listening.  Why talk when no one is listening.   We know this, yet we continue searching for wisdom, searching for knowledge with a distracted mind.  What's the use? 

Distractions are plenty.  Aside from the endless mental chatter we've got going on, there's our emotions, and our anger to distract us.  Relationships, jobs, many distractions.  The knowing that we seek is being offered.  The teacher is ready to teach but what's the use when we are distracted?

I need to get a gift card at Macy's so I go to the mall.  Macy's is at the opposite end of the mall.  It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.  I head towards Macy's but notice a new store so I go in, just for a minute.  I continue my walk to Macy's when I see something shiny in the window of another store.
I go in, just for a minute.  I continue my walk until I see a clearance sign in the window of the bookstore. 
Imagine how long the walk to Macy's is with all these distractions?  Imagine how long the walk to yoga is with all the distractions in our lives.

The challenge is this......

Do not get distracted.  Be still.  Meditate often.  Be prepared to receive the teachings so that the teacher can begin the class. 


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