What have you learned?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Mayans have predicated that 12/21/12 would be the end of the world.  Much has been written about this predication. Some begging you to repent as the end draws near.  Some laughing at those gripped with fear.  And of course, there are those who have changed their opinion about the prediction as the end approaches.

We as aspiring yogis know that we have taken this human incarnation to learn certain lessons.  With this in mind I find myself exploring the idea...what if today were the last day of this human experience?  What lessons have I learned?

I've learned to love....even  after my heart was broken.

I've learned to forgive...even when the injury was repeated over and over.

I've learned to walk through my fear...and there were many.

I've learned compassion...for you are me and I am you,  in sorrow and in joy.

I've learned to get back up when I've fallen....Laughing or crying to keep moving forward.

I've learned to see the beauty....even in the darkness.

I've learned to keep my inner light burning....and to be mindful of where my shadow was cast.

I've learned that I have strength that I never knew I had....which I never would have learned had it not been for the troubles.

I've learned to feel grateful....even of the challenges.

I've learned that God's plan for my life was WAY better than my plan....even though it didn't always feel that way at first.  I learned to trust in God.

I've learned that I AM ENOUGH....regardless of what others may say.

I've learned that it's okay to kick people out of your home but not out of your heart.

I've learned that it's okay to feel sad....just not to get stuck in it.

I've learned that I do matter....what I have to offer is important and valuable and to feel comfortable with that.

I've learned that all good things come to an end.....Only to make room for something even better.

Tomorrow the world will end.  It's the end of our old patterns of thinking and being.  It's a time to shift the focus from the individual to the collective.  A time for all of us spiritual seekers to shift our focus from our own individual awakening to what we can do to help the collective awakening.  The individual ego needs to end and our focus must shift to what's best for the greater good of ALL.   In other words....something better.

Hari Om!


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