The power of words

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me".  Remember that from way back when you were a little kid?  I don't know who ever started saying that but I'd like a word with them!

Many of us get so caught up in the drama that's playing in our minds, and in our own emotions that we sometimes forget to consider the impact our words have on those around us.  Other times, we intentionally use our words as weapons to hurt someone. 

The problem with words is that they can never, ever, be taken back.  Whether they are intentionally hurtful or not doesn't make the words hurt any less.  I've heard my teacher say that the cut of a sword will heal but the cut of your words can last a lifetime. 

Having spent much time on the receiving end of hurtful words I have made a conscious decision to practice ahimsa (non-harming) when I speak.  I'm not saying that I never lose my temper and say things that I regret but  I find that when I am more conscious of my thoughts I can choose my words more carefully.  Choosing the words means that I'm less likely to hurt someone.   Like anything else, this takes practice and strength.

Every stone thrown into the pond creates a ripple in the water.  Every word spoken also creates a ripple in the hearts of others.  Do you want the ripple to be hurtful or healing??  Ultimately it is your choice. Choose wisely.

Gayatri sadhana - day 11
This morning I lost track of time. I rolled out my mat and the next thing I know 75 minutes had passed.
I also experienced a moment of clarity.  I'm not sure I have the words to explain this. I had a knowing that what was happening in front of me was not the reality.  There was something else that I was feeling that didn't match what I was seeing or hearing. The feeling I was getting was more accurate somehow.

On a practical note:  Since my primary meditation practice is Transcendental Meditaiton (TM) I don't  use malas (prayer beads) very often. But I have to say chanting the mantra out loud and feeling the beads in my fingers has been quite helpful for concentration.  Without concentration, meditation cannot happen.



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