Let the adventure begin...

What does releasing self-doubt look like? How will I know if it's self-doubt or a sign that I'm moving in the wrong direction?  What if it's not intuition or Divine guidance but really just delusion?  It seems to me that both delusion and following Divine guidance might look like chaos and craziness. 

Maybe a better question would be what does releasing self-doubt feel like? At this point it feels scary and confusing.  It feels scary when I forget that nothing is written in stone and nothing is permanent. I can change my mind and change my direction at any moment.

The option to change direction allows me to open up to the possibility that releasing self-doubt may feel liberating and exciting.  What if I'm right about something?  There's just as much possibility of being right as there is of being wrong.  What if I discover that my intuition was right?  How would that feel?   What would change?  Would that make releasing self-doubt easier?  What if I'm wrong? Would the sky fall? Would the world come to an end?  If  I'm wrong about something is it really wrong if I learn something from the experience?  How many great inventions were discovered by mistake?

Why is it that some people seem to be able to make choices and decisions without hesitation while others, like me, struggle with self-doubt?  Where does this self-doubt come from?  What caused it?
Was I just born with this quality or was it learned?  Does it even matter? Is self-doubt the same as being cautious?  Being caution serves a purpose.  Does self-doubt have a purpose?  I suppose it could be a helpful tool in keeping my ego in check but it's also what holds me back.

At this point, self-doubt isn't going to go away magically simply because I've set the intention.  Setting the intention is the starting point to the work that lays ahead.  Behavior patterns and habits take time and patience to change.  Setting the intention is making the commitment to do the work.

When life feels like a test, self-doubt is harder to release.  No one wants to fail at the test.  When life feels like an adventure then releasing self-doubt becomes a little easier.  There's no failing on an adventure.


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