Is it true?

I feel like I've had a year of intense psycho-therapy with myself.  It's been a fascinating experience. When I uncover a pattern or false belief and looked at it objectively, without emotions, I can trace the pattern back to some specific moment or event from my childhood.  Don't worry, I am not going to bore you with the gory details of neurosis

What I would like to share with you, however, is that there is an incredible feeling of lightness that comes from realizing that you no longer need to carry the baggage that you unintentionally picked up as a child. Imagine that for your whole life you have been carrying around this unconscious belief that you were responsible for holding up the world. Then one day you notice that it's not your responsibility. Not only is it not your responsibility, someone else is already doing it. Since it wasn't your responsiblity anyway, there's no reason to feel guilty for not doing it anymore.  Ahhh.... what a relief!!

I feel like a proclamation is in order:

* I am not responsible for the well-being and happiness of others
* I am not responsible for holding up the world
* It is not my responsibility to fix everything that's wrong with the world
* It is not my responsibility to point out other people's patterns
* It is not my responsibility to "fix" other people's problems
* It is not my responsibility to insure that everyone is on the spiritual path
* I am not responsible for the enlightenment of mankind.

Wow! This must be what liberation feels like!

Don't get out the straight-jacket just yet! Believe me... I have no intention of using this revelation to run away from what I am responsible for. I do, however, intent to quit holding myself responsible for things that are clearly not under my control.

I do feel like it is my responsibility to offer you a challenge, if you wish to take it:

Challenge those "beliefs" that you hold most dear. Look at them from an objective, un-emotional place and ask yourself "Is that true?" Then, dig a little deeper into those scary, hidden places within your sub-conscious mind.  Can you find the root of that belief? Ask yourself  "How has that false belief colored my actions"  If you find that the belief is NOT true, give yourself permission to let it go. Then ask yourself  "How does that feel?"

P.S: Consider sharing your experience with this challenge by commenting.  Perhaps your experience may help someone else.


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