Observations from an open heart....

Yesterday was all about inspiration. Today.....observation, without judgements.....simply observations.

After each round of kapalabhati, rapid, diaphragmatic breathing, we generally retain the inhale but today we were emphasizing the exhale in an effort to pacify pitta so we were instructed to retain the exhale.

Observation #1: I am really comfortable with retaining the inhale. I can hold me breath until the cows come home but ask me to hold the exhale and panic sets in. Is it because I have more practice with retention of the in breath or is it my resistance to letting go?

Observation #2: The theme today was the heart chakra so we did a lot of back-bends. I love, love, love back-bends. I like the energizing effect. I like that they make me feel powerful and strong. When we counter posed with forward folds I was again, experiencing resistance to letting go.

Observation #3: Meditation is effortless after a great yoga practice. Soaking in the incredibly powerful vibrations in yoga-land and spending some time outside afterwards soaking in the powerful vibrations of the sun equals a happy yogini. I acknowledge that there is work to do.....learning to be more comfortable with the idea of letting go but feeling confident.

Remembering yesterday's inspiration...... The light has been shined into the darkness.... I see the resistance.
I have cultivated the strength and internal power needed to change the old patterns. I will use the inspiration to create new patterns. Starting with letting go of patterns that no longer serve my higher purpose.

Om Namah Shivaya!


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