Synchronicity strikes again.....

Driving to class this morning I was sort of marveling at the power of the body to heal itself. I was feeling grateful that my hand was healing. I was feeling grateful to the lovely lady who so kindly offered me her burn cream. I was feeling grateful for the effectiveness of the burn cream. Despite the cold winds, the sun was shinning brightly this morning and for that I was also grateful.

I was swimming in a sea of gratitude so when my teacher started his class with the theme of gratitude I was reminded of the synchronicity of life. Just another confirmation that I am exactly where I'm suppose to be.  Because of this injury to my hand I haven't practiced asana all week. Yes, I know, I probably could have done a modified practice but I didn't. The point is that I was grateful that I was able to practice this morning.  My body was missing the practice.

I so rarely feel gratitude towards my body. I'm usually hating it for not looking like I think it should or for not doing what I want it do. This morning was different. After all, I was witnessing first hand (no pun intended) how the body can heal itself and by the end of the practice it felt like every cell in my body was also swimming in a sea of gratitude.  My body was thanking me for the practice.

SD is right, it is easy to feel grateful for the good things in life.  The real gift, however, is learning to be grateful for the difficulties and challenges of life.  That's were the real magic happens.   This injury has made me appreciate not only the healing power of the body but also my hand.  All week I kept thinking....You really don't appreciate your hand until you can't use it.   This injury also made me grateful for the kindness and caring of the people around me. 

I'm also grateful for this challenge because it has reminded me that I need to be more conscious and present in everything I do, whether it's practicing yoga or pouring hot water.   Right now, I'm conscious of the warm cozy feeling I'm getting from sitting next to the space heater and I'm grateful that I don't have anything to do for the next couple of hours.  In about 5 minutes I'll be grateful for nap time.


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