Message of the day: Learn Humility

Am I fighting a losing battle trying to teach "real" yoga?  That was my first thought when my friend Jon emailed me an advertisement for a new computer called  The Yoga computer.  That really was my first thought!   I was so frustrated that once again, someone was using yoga to sell stuff that had nothing to do
with yoga.  I even emailed my teacher to ask him, "are we fighting a losing battle trying to teach "real" yoga?" HA HA HA!! 

At lunch today I went to Barnes and Noble to look around for nothing in particular.  Of course I ended up in the Eastern Religion section.  One book jumped out at me but I put it back on the shelf.  I wanted something deeper.  After all, I am a yoga teacher aren't I?  I can't waste my time reading fluffy books.  I need to learn as much as I can so that I can TEACH!! HA HA HA!! Yes folks, I was actually thinking these thoughts today. 

Long story short, the book practically jumped off the shelf and before I knew it I was reading  "The Guru Question, the perils and rewards of choosing a spiritual teacher"  by Mariana Caplan, PhD. 
I've only read about 25 pages and already I got the message I was meant to get.   She starts the book by talking about the different types of spiritual teachers and she tells a funny story about how a friend of hers was upset  because he had declared himself a spiritual teacher and he couldn't figure out how to attract students.   He thought that others just didn't get him now that he was enlightened.  I laughed when I read this thinking.... What a creep....of course no students wanted him as a teacher.... Anyone who has to declare himself  an enlightened spiritual teacher obviously isn't...Right??  Doesn't everyone agree on that?

Now, I have never proclaimed myself to be enlightened but I have to admit that my ego does play tricks on me sometimes.  Like today, I was feeling that self-righteous attitude.  Of course I'm a way better yoga teacher than those guys because I feel like I teach authentic yoga and not that cheesy exercise yoga.  I'm not using yoga to sell a bunch of junk that no-one needs.  I teach the benefits of meditation and the "inner yoga" practices.  Doesn't that make me a better teacher?

OH, HOLY HELL!!!  My ego needed a smack today!!!  It's sort of shocking how easily my ego,  if left unchecked, gets inflated.   Okay, God..... I got the message.  I still have a long way to go!! 

Om Shanti Om......


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