A call to action

I went to see a vedic astrologer once. Twice actually. (The first one said things that were so far fetched that I didn't believe him so I went for a second opinion.) So the meeting with the second astrologer started like this: I sit down in front of this lady who I never met before. The only thing she knows about me is the exact time and place of my birth. She looks at me over the rim of her glasses and says "This is a VERY important lifetime in your spiritual evolution.....What are you doing about it?!"

What?? What am I doing about it? I thought that's what she was suppose to tell me...what I'm suppose to be doing.

Well, it's been a few years since then and I'm still asking myself that same question. Have you asked yourself that question? At first I pondered this question and I was feeling my ego, once again, inflated thinking that I'm way further along on the "yoga path" toward enlightenment. Obviously! That's what the astrologer said (not really but that's what my ego heard)

Here's the reality. EVERY Lifetime is equally important to our spiritual evolution!! Duh.... A way better question would be "what are you doing to effect positive change?" Or "what have you done today to serve others?" Or even, "what are you doing to share what you've learned in this lifetime with others?"

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in yoga philosophy. Simply a spiritual seeker. What am I seeking? Eternal  Truth.  Here's what I know for sure.

In yoga-land there's a lot of talk about the fact that we've entered into a new age. An Aquarian age. Which basically means that the universal energy is shifting from masculine energy to feminine energy. The discussion in this morning's yoga class was how we know this in our minds but that it hasn't translated so much into practice yet. We are still holding onto old patterns. We know that we need to change our patterns of thinking and our patterns of doing but so far it hasn't translated into action just yet. What's holding us back??

Fear, I suppose. Fear of the unknown. Fear of stepping out of our comfort zone. Fear of letting go because if we let go what will we have?

It's clear that the old patterns no longer work. Now we are required to find another way. What exactly does this shift in energy mean really? What's the difference between masculine energy and feminine energy? Well, where masculine energy is more aggressive, feminine energy is softer. Where masculine energy is more about acting from the mind, feminine energy is more about acting from the heart.

Keeping these qualities in mind for a moment, think about a situation that you are currently struggling with. You know that your old pattern of handling the situation isn't working anymore. Why not try the opposite. Move from your head to year heart. Shift your energy so that you are approaching the situation more from a place of softness and compassion than from the usual aggressive "I have to be right" attitude. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. (if nothing else, you'll gain insight into your own patterns)

There comes a time when the concepts and ideas that we talk about in yoga class need to move from the thought process to the action process. It's not enough to say love and serve. We must put it into action. I saw a lady in the pet store struggling to get a gigantic box of cat litter into her cart. A couple of men walked right passed her without a second thought. Fascinating..... I lent her a hand and we managed to get the box into the cart. Perhaps the men were stronger physically but in the end it didn't matter did it? Seemed to me that the strength of the heart is way more useful.

How often have you seen someone struggling? Not just physically but mentally or emotionally as well. How often have you acted from your heart and offered your help. It doesn't matter if think you are not strong enough as long as you exercise your heart every day the strength you need will always be enough.

The first astrologer told me that it was my duty in this lifetime to share the word of God with others. That's what I'm doing with this blog, I guess.  So now I'm looking over the rim of my glasses and asking you....."This is a very important lifetime in your spiritual evolution....What are you doing about it??!!"


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