Vishuddha chakra strikes again!

My intention was to talk about the wonderful experience I had during last week-end's advanced yoga teacher training. I wanted to tell you how happy I was to be participating. How a lovely lady kindly gave me a little butterfly shaped bottle that contained water from the Ganges for my alter.

I wanted to talk about how the 5 elements of ether,air, fire, water and earth are represented in our yoga practice. I wanted to tell you how "Healing happens in stillness". I wanted to tell you that I've decided to be a perpetual student because I love, love being in that circle of learning!

But, instead......

I find myself once again digging a little deeper within myself and discovering old patterns which I thought had already been changed. Once again, I'm doing the work of self inquiry. It feels almost like doing the laundry. As soon as you think you're done - another pile of dirty, stinky clothes shows up at your feet. If you look closely you'll notice that it's the same pile that keeps coming back over and over. "Didn't I just wash this yesterday?"

I know I know but sometimes I forget
and when I remember then I know

I remembered again the importance of a spiritual community. I remembered again how blessed I am to have found a sacred space where I can do the work of uncovering the old patterns. I remembered again the power of the yoga practice. I remembered that the physical practice of yoga most definitely has an energetic effect on the mind.

I'll spare you the details of my pile of dirty laundry, but the revelation today came when I heard the reminder that our words can cut like a sword. I know the once the words are out they can never be taken back. I know how powerful our words are and how they can have a long lasting effect on people. Even now, whenever I am reading out loud I can't help but hesitate and think of the little blond haired boy in the 3rd grade who made fun of me for saying the wrong word. We don't really know exactly how what we say will effect others therefore, we must be mindful of what and how we say things.

I believe the key on this journey of self-inquiry is that you step back from the emotions and simply observe the patterns. When we step back from the emotions we can see more clearly the work that needs to be done to change our samskaric patterns. (is samskaric a real word?) Only from the perspective of the witness can we see what is real, in my humble opinion.

I'd like to share one last thing..... When I am faced with a conflict in which I need to speak my mind I must first ask myself: "Is what I am about to say the truth? Is it kind? and is it helpful?" I'm thinking I should have this inked onto my arm so I'll always remember to ask myself these questions. Those words were not my own. They were shared by a fellow yogi. I would also add this question to the list, "what is my motivation for what I am about to say?"
And so the journey to my true nature continues....... Om Namah Shivaya!


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