Yoga with Mirella Nicholson

Yoga with Mirella Nicholson

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What makes a good day?

When you wake up in the morning you never really know how the day will turn out.  Still we get up with the hope that today will be a good day.  What exactly constitutes a good day?  Is it when everything goes according to your desires?  Is it when you aren't irritated by someone? 

A man that I work with says that it's a good day when he can get out of bed and onto his feet without assistance.  For most of us, we need a bit more to make it a good day.  

Yesterday my day began the same as it always does with the exception of the feeling of anticipation.  It was the day of our field trip.  I was up before the chickens which meant that I was able to do a longer
sadhana (meditation practice)  - That's a good day.  Then off to Shiva Das' yoga class where my sadhana continued.   The bhavana - a reminder of Amma's message to all of us -- LOVE AND SERVE.

I'm usually really focused during my yoga practice but yesterday I couldn't focus.  Was it the anticipation of our field trip or maybe it was the effect of the Gayatri mantra I chanted in my morning sadhana.  Perhaps it was a combination. Still it's a good day.  

Our Upanishad study group, along with our teacher, spent the day together.  We visited the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.  We shared a meal together, visited the temple, did some shopping at the bookstore.  It was a lovely day.  What exactly made it a good day?  Was it the shopping?  Was it the temple?  No.  It was the friendship.  It was sitting at Ed's drinking chai, talking about yoga and about life.   It was a good day because we were sharing  our love of yoga with people who talk the same language.  All of us are at different places in our lives and at different places in our spiritual evolution but yoga connects us to one another.

As I drove home I thought - This was such a good day.  I went to sleep feeling so much gratitude.
Gratitude to my family for their cooperation so that I could spend the time with  friends.  Gratitude to my teachers for their loving guidance and gratitude for the friendships that have developed through this beautiful practice of yoga.

What exactly constitutes a good day?   * when you take the time for sadhana
                                                           * when you love and serve others
                                                           * when you remember to be grateful for the blessing
                                                           * when you have the support of family and friends and teachers
Okay, I admit it, Jim is right...........      * when you can get out of bed and onto your feet - with or without
                                                              help - that's a good day!

                                                          Photo credit:  Ed Zadlo and Jessica Farrell

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  1. Wow. We wrote similar blogs! Yesterday was so awesome. I'm so glad to have you guys in my life!