Ancient yogic secret revealed.....

Listen up folks, I'm about to share with you an ancient yogic secret.  To reduce the negative you must increase the positiveWhat? You already knew that?  Yeah, me too.  There is a different, though, between knowing something and really KNOWING it.  Today I really KNOW it.
Have you seen that commercial on t.v. for Xfinity?  There's a little girl sitting on ground with some crazy doll.  The doll is shaking and repeating "let's rock, let's rock, let's rock.... over and over and the parents look on in frustration.   The mother doesn't yell at the girl to shut that damn doll off because that would only make the kid cry.  Instead, she simply places a lap top in front of the kid so she can watch some movie and while the kid was distracted she took the doll away. She reduced a negative (that annoying doll)  by adding a positive (giving the kid a movie to watch)
This ancient yogic secret works the same way in other areas of our life. You have a bad habit you want to eliminate, rather than struggling with the bad habit, you simply add a good habit and eventually, while you're distracted with the good habit, the bad habit will naturally fall away.
Let's say we have a lot of anger in our heart.  That's a negative, but we're not going to struggle with the anger (that would only makes us cry) we're going to simply add a positive.  The positive being - love and forgiveness.  When we fill our hearts with love, the negative (anger) will naturally fall away without struggle.   Adding the positive -love, reduces the negative - anger.
Imagine you walk into a dark room.  If you want to eliminate the darkness you need to turn on the light.  There's no struggle, you don't freak out because the room is dark.  It won't help to try to analyze why the room is dark or what the darkness means.  You simply turn on the light and the darkness is eliminated.
Do you see what I'm getting at?  You don't have to analyze negative emotions.  You simply acknowledge them and then turn on the light - LOVE and FORGIVENESS.   The negative will fall away naturally.
The same is true during meditation.  As a thought enters your mind you don't struggle with the thought, you don't analyze the thought or try to figure it out.  You simply add a positive - the mantra and the thought naturally falls away.  ( I'm not implying that thoughts are all negative but during meditation, they can be a distraction keeping us reaching a state of meditation. In that case you could consider thoughts a negative.)
Okay, so maybe it's not an ancient yogic secret.  Maybe we all already know this but do you REALLY KNOW it?  Are you applying what you know to your day to day life?  If not, what the heck are you waiting for?  



  1. I think it is like ayuruveda--like increases like, so cold and dry makes Vata more cold and dry. Do I really know it? About Vata, yes. About my life....well...I do, but....

    Thanks for this.

  2. thanks so much... a concept so simple yet so profound.


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