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As always, tonight's class was perfect. What I love most about Shiva Das' class is that when he's teaching I know that I don't have to worry about anything. I trust him completely and I can let my guard down. I am always taking care of everyone all the time but in his class I feel like I'm being taken of. I can just close my eyes and follow his guidance knowing that I'll have exactly the experience I need. 

I've been experiencing Pitta over-load lately so I was curious to see what the effects of  a pitta reducing class would be on me. (* Pitta over-load meaning excess heat both physically and mentally for more info check out )

 I was able to step back from myself and observe how each asana effected me physically, mentally, emotionally.  We know that each asana has a specific effect on the body but have you experienced the different effects the pose has on a mental and emotional level?  Not only does the asana have different effects but so does how the asana is done.

 While doing the *shitali breath at the beginning of class I wasn't able to exhale at all. It was strange. I felt like I could hold my breath for a really long time but the exhale was almost non-existent.  But  when we did it again at the end of class there was a definite difference. The exhale was easier.  Being able to exhale better helped me to experience a sense of letting go which made me feel calmer and more peaceful.

The over-all effect of the class was amazing.  I left feeling calm and peaceful. I sat in my car for a while  wanting to hold on to that calm and peace for a little while longer. Funny isn't it? We spent 75 minutes working on letting go and here I was trying to hold on but then  I noticed how bright the moon was . It seemed like the moon was offering it's cooling, calming energy to me somehow. It reminded me that each morning the moon slips away as the sun rises but then each night the moon returns.  Even if this peaceful calm slips away I know that it's always available to me and I am grateful that I am learning how to access this state.

Tonight's class was evidence that in the hands of a masterful teacher combining  yoga and ayurveda results in  the most delicious experience. 

*Shitali is a cooling breath.  It's done by inhaling through your mouth with your tongue rolled and exhaling through your nose*
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