Finding your center

Let me begin here with 2 very important points:

1. You don't have to travel to the other side of the world to find yourself
2. If you have money to invest - buy rental property in Bali - Tourism is about the boom there!

Okay I just thought of a 3rd point.
3. If you leave your spouse to find yourself and at the end of the year you find yourself in another person -      you didn't really find yourself.

You guessed right. I saw the movie Eat Pray Love this week-end.  The reality for most of us is that leaving our spouse and traveling half way around the world is simply not an option. I would like someone to make a movie or write a book that shows that finding yourself in suburbia is possible.

Since we're not Julia Roberts or Elizabeth Gilbert we have to find our center while sitting in a stinky gym watching our daughter play basketball.  We have to find our center when our sadhana is interrupted by "mommy my stomach hurts".

Can you keep your center then? Can you get yourself to the meditation cushion after being up half the night worrying about your teenager who just got her driver's license is out with her friends?

For most of us our homes are full and noisy and chaotic so finding our center becomes not only more challenging but also vitally important. Balancing the responsibility of our family with the responsibility of our sadhana is difficult sometimes but that's what makes us appreciate the moments of peace.
It's the constant swaying back and forward that helps us to savor those brief moments when we achieve a state of balance. 
Of course you can love a handsome guy you meet in Bali who's rich and romantic and sensitive but can you love your spouse who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor or has to be reminded to wash the dishes in the sink? That's the real question.  Don't get me wrong, I too daydream about running off to India and finding a cave to hide in when my life gets crazy but I would venture to say that I'd probably find craziness there too
just a different crazy. 

So here's the bottom line. The only way to find yourself is to look within. There's no short cut believe me I've looked and there isn't one. Even if you live in Bali or India - you still need to look with-in.  Don't worry. I'm going to give you a few tips to help "find your center". 

1.  Get up early - as early as you can.  I know that's not what you want to hear but you'll soon grow to love
     the early morning quiet. 

2.  Start each day with even just a 15 minutes of meditation or prayer or even better - both.

3.  Be grateful.  Be grateful for everything.  The good things and bad things.  See God's grace in every
     moment of your life.

4.  Breath.  Conscious breathing. 

5.  Practice yoga regularly.

6.  Remember always that "This too shall pass" - both the bad things and the good things so don't fret
     too much about your troubles as they will soon pass and savor the good things as those too shall pass.

Feel free to add share your tips with us.   Oh.  One more -  Read the book "Holy Cow"  If you do, let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hi, I appreciate this, great post. I read Holy Cow, and loved it to, much better than Eat Pray and Love, although I still want to watch the movie badly...

  2. Holy Cow was by far a better read. Ever wonder why some books get so much hype while other equally good or even better books get no hype at all? I've been meaning to send a copy of Holy Cow to Oprah but haven't done it yet but I think I'm going to.


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