Om Shrim maha Lakshmyai namah

The Goddess Lakshmi represents abundance, wealth, good fortune, beauty, love, fertility and all the sweetness in life.  

When I began my Lakshmi sadhana the intention was to attract enough cash flow to help me make ends meet.  Praying for abundance or wealth always felt greedy.  So I prayed for just enough.  At the beginning I didn't think attracting beauty into my life was worthwhile.  After all, I needed cash not beauty.  But... the way to honor or attract Lakshmi's attention and blessing is with beauty so I embarked on a beautiful adventure. 

I set up an alter in my bedroom. I covered the dresser with a shimmery Gold cloth.  I found a lovely, delicate lotus flower shaped candle holder that is a pale pink color.  The radiant glow of the candle holder when the candle is lit is perfect.  I offer her beautiful flowers, I offer her a beautiful mala hand made for me by a woman who embodies Lakshmi's beauty.  

My rituals include beautifying my environment.  Sweeping and mopping the floors, Making sure to keep my surrounds tidy and organized.  I read somewhere that Lakshmi likes a beautiful, clean environment.  As I do my household chores I remind myself that I am preparing my home for the Goddess.  I started the 100 days of beauty Facebook page to document the beauty I find in the ordinary.  In order to receive I must give, so I give of my time, I give money, even if it's only a few dollars to others who need it more than I do, I offer support and encouragement.  In order to receive I must give. 

Several months into my sadhana I started to feel Lakshmi's presence in my life.  I do believe she was always there but with my attention being put into honoring her I was more aware of her blessings.  I am surrounded by beauty.  It was always there.  All I needed to do was look.  The effort I put into beautifying my environment increases the beauty I see everywhere.  What I put my attention on grows stronger in my life. Taking the time to nourish and take care of myself  helps me feel more beautiful. The contentment I feel when I know that I am supported by the Divine Mother helps me. When I'm feeling calmer and at peace it radiates outward. Beauty begins within.  When you feel beautiful you look more beautiful. Nourishing and taking care of ourselves from the inside out is a way to honor Lakshmi.  She is all about the goodness and sweetness of life.  

Last summer, each time I picked vegetables from my garden I offered them first to Ma Lakshmi. Knowing that it was her Grace that provided the abundance of colorful, nourishing food.  It was Lakshmi's blessing that provided the friend who graciously came and helped me plant the seeds. What could be a better description of good fortune than friendship? 

What began as a sadhana asking for Lakshmi's blessing quickly turned into a sadhana of thanksgiving.  What good fortune to be able to recognize the abundance of goodness and sweetness that surrounds us! 

Om Shrim maha Lakshmyai namah! 


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