The lotus of the heart

Anahata chakra..... The heart center. 

Anahata means un-struck
It’s color is green
Symbolized by lotus flower with 12 petals
Element is Air
Located at the center of the chest
Sense of Touch
Bija mantra: Yam

This center is for unconditional love for the self, and others, compassion, passion, and devotion. When fully open it becomes a channel for Universal Love

When balanced, a person feels joy, peace, harmony, happiness, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, and generosity

When unbalanced, fear, anger, isolation and unworthiness. Unsympathetic, self-centered, selfish, unforgiving.

"The heart chakra is the bridge between our humanity and our divinity" ~SD

In the sacred circle today a wise woman shared some very powerful sentiments with regard to the heart chakra.   I share with you here the message my heart received from her words.

Never fear that you are unloved....for the love of the Divine Mother is unconditional and ever present in our lives. 

Imagine the most beautiful flower you have ever seen.  The only way the flower can successfully open to it's fullest expression is if it has strong roots and a strong stem.  The heart chakra is that beautiful flower.  In order for it to bloom in it's full beauty it needs strong roots (groundedness and a sense of security - 1st chakra) and a strong stem (a strong, functional relationship with the Self  as well as others. That includes self-love - 2nd chakra). 

The deep longing for love and connection that we feel in our hearts should be turned towards God. Like the flower turns it's face to the sun.

I am eternally grateful to this practice of yoga and to the teachers who lovingly guide me along the way. It is what strengths me and gives me a sense of groundedness and security.  It is the practice that feeds me and opens, not only my heart, but my connection to the Divine.  When the connection to God is strong,  the knot in our heart dissolves and we can truly be a channel for Universal love.



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