What's on your mind today?

Once again I must ask the question....."Why does anyone watch reality TV when there is so much entertainment going on right here in our own minds?"  I've been watching my mind running at a 100mph.
Watching it take little bits and pieces of things other people have said and weave it into a total soap opera.
My friend, Jon says he loves his mind because it's so entertaining.  I say my mind tortures me. 

As I've been watching all the random thoughts bouncing around in my mind I'm trying to find a common theme.  The one theme I discovered is that 99% of what I think it honestly, and truly NON-SENSE!
My mind is tossing around yesterday's conversation and wondering why I didn't say this or that or why I didn't ask the question when I had the chance.  When I'm not listening to the mental recording of yesterday's conversations I'm fantasizing about tomorrow's conversations.  Have you ever tried to imagine how tomorrow's conversation is going to go?  Has it ever happened the way you imagined it?  No one ever follows the script we write for them in our heads do they?

99% of the time I am simply wasting energy creating stories in my head.   No wonder I'm so damn tired all the time.  The incessant chatter is really exhausting.  We can no better predict the future than we can change the past.  So why do we spend so much time trying?

As for the other 1% of random thoughts I did find one, maybe two, that were gentle reminders from the Divine.  I probably would have recognized the reminders a lot sooner had I not had 99 other thoughts getting in the way. 


* We are not our emotions so don't get attached
*Life is too short to waste so take chances
*There's no guarantee of tomorrow so speak what's in your heart
* Patience and contentment should be cultivated
*Self confidence isn't the same as egotism
*When we hold back from sharing our talents we are doing a disservice
*Meditation is the off switch for the mind

Oh......I just thought of one more thing I want to say...... Recognize that your past experiences are coloring your perceptions of the present.  Keep that in mind when you have such strong opinions about things.  Your perception may be a little off.  It's best to approach each situation with a clear mind, free from preconcieved notions.  With a clear, open mind we can receive the experience we are meant to receive without the past getting in the way.


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