Role call.....

Ever try to close a container that you've overfilled with stuff?  Clearly you have too much stuff in there for it to close properly but you still try.  You push down one end and the other end pops open.  You re-arrange the stuff to try to get it to fit better.  You struggle and struggle to squeeze everything in and tightly close the container.  Sometimes you have to resort to tying or taping the container so that it stays shut with all your stuff inside. 

When we continue to play a role that we have clearly outgrown it's as pointless as trying to fit 100 lbs of stuff in a 5lb container.   At some point we need to recognize that it's no longer working and we need a different container.  

I have been know to throw away stuff because I like the container better than the stuff.  Sometimes we get attached to our container... aka:  the roles we play.   We identify more with the role than the person playing the role.  

I heard a speaker recently who described it as a seat assignment.  He said that right now the seat assignment the Universe gave him was the assignment to travel around sharing his story with others but that maybe tomorrow the assignment would change and he'd be painting houses.   

One day our seat assignment is the teacher, the next it's the student.  The roles are not fixed.  Like everything else in the Universe the roles we play are fluid and ever changing.  We must be willing to flow with Grace or be dragged.   We must be willing to evole or become extinct. 

When the role/container that we have neatly stuffed our true Self into becomes too small to contain it we must let go of the role and take on the next one.  Acceptance means being willing to change your seat assignment when the Universe is showing you that it's time. 

I can assure you that there will be people who will challenge you.  People get attached to the roles that we play, especially when we're really good at them.  They see you only as the role.  I can attest to this first hand.  I was so completely attached to the role my teacher was playing.   There was a period of time when I was so completely attached that I almost felt like his sole purpose was to support me on my jouney. 

I'm grateful that the Divine opened my eyes so that I could see that even the teacher is on his/her own jouney and also needs support.  It is sometimes difficult for us to accept when other people let go of the roles and accept a different seat assignment but it's necessary.   As we accept the changing roles of the people in our lives we can more easily accept the changes in our own roles.

Fluidity is the key. We must recogize that unless there is fluidity there will be stagnation.  We evlove or become extinct. 


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