A moment of reflection.

The past few weeks have given me much opportunity for reflection. On August 4th I completed my second 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training program. At the same time I embarked on the next leg of my journey of self-discovery, beginning a 500 hour Ayurveda training. It seems to me the more I learn the more questions I have. The more training I complete the more I realize how much I still have to learn.

The challenge for me is integration. After all, the only way to really learn anything is to do it. Applying the yoga lessons to daily living is key. I've learned a lot so the process of integrating it all will take some time.

Slowly I begin to see opportunities to use some of the tools I've been given. One of the things we talk a lot about in yoga is the ego. I have little tolerance for people with a big ego. (how egotistical of me, right?) It's one of the things that challenges me the most.

I recognize my own ego at play when I feel myself getting irritated. I use it as an opportunity to practice keeping my own ego in check. I don't engage in verbal battle. My ego wants to be right.  I so badly want to show people how egotistical they are being.

Like increases like...opposites cure.  How can I use my ego to show someone else how much damage their ego is causing?  The answer....I can't.

Over and over I'm told that when someone challenges me they become a mirror by which I can see things about myself that need to be dealt with. I never really understood this concept until now.  My teacher's advice.... "you have to be the example for others".  Suddenly it become clear to me. The same way the "mirror" shows us things that we don't like about ourselves it also reflects positive things.

One of the things I've been contemplating is how I react to challenges and the role my ego plays in the challenges. After reflecting on the fact that the more I focus on the challenges the more challenges I draw into my life I decide to to throw up the white flag. I SURRENDER.... Time to try the opposite.

I'm setting a clear intention for myself. I will turn within and find the peace that I seek within myself. I will do my best to be an example of that peace. My hope is that the more I focus on maintaining a state of inner peace, the more inner peace I will draw into my life.  The more peace I experience the easier it will be to keep my ego in check. 

Like increases like...opposites cure.

A friend reminded me yesterday that I cannot set someone else's intentions; only my own. I've set my intention.. Now it's your turn. How will you integrate yoga into your daily living??


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