Jakey goes to yoga!

Saturday night while tucking my baby into bed he told me he wanted to come to yoga with me the next morning. I'm not gonna lie....my heart was singing. The next morning I gave him the option to go with his father or even stay home with his sister. "No, I want to come with you."

We arrive, set up our mats and put on some music. While we wait for students to arrive he shows me how his action figures can do yoga. One is doing downward facing dog and the other tree pose. I'm not gonna lie....I love that he makes his action figures do yoga. (a nice change from the usual shooting each other) I give him the option to take his action figures and go to the back room to play when class starts. "No, I want to do yoga"

He sat attentively while I talked about my bhavana. I'm not gonna lie.... I loved having him there next to me. Watching him move through the practice made me smile.  At one point he caught my eye and says "Mom look, I'm doing it" and gave me a thumbs up. I know I'm his mother but he really is the sweetest boy on earth! During Savasana I looked over and he's lying on his mat playing quietly with his action figures. My little yogi boy.

I can't help but wonder what influence yoga will have in his life as he grows up. There is a reason God has entrusted me with this little one to guide. Even though I may never know the impact that my yoga sadhana has on my children, in that moment, I was so happy to share it with Jake.

Afterwards my heart was overflowing with pride and joy. One of the ladies asked him if he liked the class. "It wasn't that much fun" was his reply.  Gotta love him.....


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