Blessings from the Divine Mother

I've been hesitating writing a new post because I don't want to be a downer. The posts that have been writing themselves in my head have been anything but positive. One started like this: "I've spent the last 5 years working on opening my heart and throat chakra. Learning how to express my feelings was a complete waste of energy and has become a huge source of distress. Expressing my feelings only makes everyone I love mad at me." I have been feeling beat up by the universe.

Clearly, that's not the beginning of an inspirational blog post. Instead, I've been spending my time on the mat. It's the yoga practice where I find inspiration. Inspiration for writing and inspiration for living. I've been praying to the Divine Mother for support. In her infinite Grace she has blessed me with clarity of mind today.

Through her Grace I have been able to step back from my own emotions long enough to notice that everyone is feeling "beat up by the universe". The hot, humid weather is making everyone irritable and it's making it harder and harder for people to deal with the challenges they are facing.

When I first started learning Ayurveda I was not at all happy about my kapha constitution. Now, Divine Mother's blessing has shown me just how beneficial my kapha nature is. It's my kapha nature that gives me the strength to endure whatever life throws at me. It's what gives me my strong sense of loyalty and devotion so that even though someone I love is harsh towards me I can still love them. It's kapha that makes me strong enough to carry the heavy load for those who are too tired. ( I almost wrote.... BRING IT ON UNIVERSE, I CAN TAKE IT....but then I thought better... even kaphas have their breaking point)

It's through my consistent practice that I am able to stay grounded in the middle of a storm of someone else's emotions. I may be hit with the debris from their storm sometimes but today I'm feeling grateful. Grateful that I can see that it was not intentional but simply residual debris from their inner storm of emotions.

The Divine Mother's blessing has helped to see that it's only through consistent practice that I can get back to my true nature when I find myself lost in my own storm of emotions.

When we find ourselves at a loss, not knowing which way to turn, when  life's challenges seem overwhelming, we have to take the U-turn.  The U-turn back to the mat, back to our true nature.  It's there that we'll find the support and peace that we need.  It's there that the Divine Mother resides waiting with open arms and unconditional love. 

Through her love and support we find our strength so that we can be that love and support for others who haven't found their own strength yet.


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