Happy Mother's Day!

re-posting from last mother's day.........

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I'd share some of the ways that yoga has helped me be a better mom. Actually..... It might be the other way around. Maybe my role as a mom has made me a better yogi. Looks like we have another what came first, the chicken or the egg thing.

The fact that I have 3 children means that in order for me to have time for sadhana I need to get up early.      -Being a mom making me a better yogi.

Practicing Ujjayi breathing while my little one has a temper tantrum helps my Jakey Pie calm down a little quicker.  
 -Being a yogi making me a better mom.

Having children has made my heart burst with love. It has given me the opportunity to experience giving unconditional love.     -Being a mom making me a better yogi.

My meditation practice has given me the clarity of mind to look at my teenage daughter's face and know that something is going on and she needs to talk.     -Being a yogi making me a better mom.

Anyone who has children or has spent time with children, knows that you can plan all you want but the reality is that the kids run the show. There's no point in putting on my control freak hat because in an instant everything changes. This is a practice in letting go.     -Being a mom making me a better yogi.

My daily asana practice makes my body stronger and more flexible. This gives me the ability to run around and play with the kids effortlessly. Even though my son tells me I suck at pitching.     -Being a yogi making me a better mom.

There is no better way to practice self-less service than in the role of a mother. If your sadhana has brought up a lot of crap that you need to process - it doesn't matter. If you are feeling blissed out from your sadhana and you are floating in the ethers - it doesn't matter. There is still work to be done, someone needs to prepare the meals, do the laundry, help a kid with some impossible homework.     -Being a mom making me a better yogi.

Even my basic knowledge of Ayurveda has helped me deal with my children in so many ways. I know their dosha so I know the best way to interact with them. I understand them better and I have a better understanding of why they tend towards certain behavior. I understand how to offer my support in a way that will be best received.     -Being a yogi making me a better mom.

As a mom, it is our responsibility to teach our children about not hurting others, about not stealing, etc.
The yamas and niyamas come to mind here. These are really important concepts that we naturally teach our children. We want them to be good, upstanding citizens and so we teach them by our own example how to treat others, and how to conduct ourselves in society. We live by the principals of the yamas and niyamas in the hope that our children will follow our example.     -Being a mom making me a better yogi.

Well, you get the idea. I could go on and on but if I plan to get up early for sadhana I need to go to bed early (just like my mother told me for years).

                                              Jai Ma! Happy Mother's Day!!


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