By the light of the moon.....

It's the end of a long busy week.  I'm tired and just want to put on my sweats and curl up on the sofa with a cup of chai and a book.  Instead, I put on my yoga pants and head to this month's advanced yoga teacher training class. 

It's Friday night so traffic is awful and I'm feeling guilty because I won't be home all week-end.  I was feeling guilty that I haven't cleaned my floors in weeks.  I was reminded of that during this morning's yoga practice.  As I pressed back into down-dog instead of feeling blissful I was noticing just how dirty my floors are and how much dust is hiding under the sofa!!  Okay, so I do the rest of the practice with my eyes closed and pretend that the yoga sutras don't specifically say that you should practice on a clean floor.

My mind is racing from one thought to the other.  From the dirty floors to the book I'm working on, to the phone call I got today, on and on and on.......

I arrive in Manayunk on Friday night and I actually find a parking spot, horray!  The racing thoughts continue as I walk to yoga land.  I realize that it's colder than I thought and I mentally kick myself for not dressing warmer.  But when I  walk into the studio it's so warm and inviting both literally and figuratively. 

The alter is set up for a puja (ritual worship).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing puja.  I love the rituals even though the Upanishads warn us that it's not all about the rituals.  We each took part in the puja which was so lovely.   One of the things I love most about the practice of yoga is that during the rituals we are participating and not just watching.  It's the experience of yoga that is most powerful. 

Before the puja SD lead us in a vata pacifying practice.  The practice was slow, the holds were long, and the effect was heating and calming.  We flowed through 12 sun salutations.  It felt so good to move after sitting at my desk all day.   I loved the slow fluid nature of the practice.  Although I have to admit that during the first few poses I felt myself itching to move more but it didn't take very long before I was flowing with my breath.  As my breath grew deeper, I grew calmer.  I was conscious of the heat in my body and it felt good.  I was conscious of the support of the earth beneath my feet and it was comforting.  I was conscious of SD's soft, gentle voice and it was soothing.  It was hard getting up after savasana. I wanted to stay there forever wrapped in the warmth and comfort of the space and the practice.

By the light of full moon I walked back to my car.  I was tired but feeling content and peaceful.  I was conscious that the racing thoughts were missing. I was conscious of an overwhelming feeling that the Divine Mother was smiling tonight and reassuring me that I am exactly where I'm meant to be at this point in my life.

 I'm tired, my floors are still dirty and I'm still feeling a little guilty for being away from my family all week-end.  But I feel content that things are unfolding in my life exactly the way they are suppose to.  I am conscious that my life is being guided  by the Divine Mother.  Tonight, my heart is filled with gratitude, contentment and peace.  The power of the practice never fails to amaze me.

Jai Ma!


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