SpongeBob's yoga lesson

Anyone recognize this guy?  For those of you who don't have children, that's Plankton.  He's one of the characters on the cartoon SpongeBob.  For years he's been trying to steal the secret crabby patty recipe.  He believes that with the secret recipe he'll be able to control the world.  (insert crazy Plankton laugh here)

One day, there I was, just minding my own business.  Watching my crazy monkey mind when suddenly, the thought of Plankton comes to mind.  HOLY HELL!!!  That's me.  Just like Planton, all I want is to control the world.  At least my world.  I want everything to be exactly the way I want them to be.  If only I can get my hands on the secret recipe!!

My inner control freak is being challenged right now to the extreme.  I can't even control my own mind and my own emotions.  How the heck do I think I can control what someone else thinks or feels?  That's so ridiculous and yet that's what  I do.  I want to orchestrate the world around me.  I'm sure you know how well that goes.

Let me take a minute to tell you about a couple of the other characters on this show in case you have been living in yoga-land without a t.v.   The main character is SpongeBob.  Yes, he is a sponge with arms and legs and a crazy laugh.  He is the epitome of a yoga attitude.  He is always happy and cheerful and no matter how mean and cranky Squigward or Mr. Crabs are, Spongebob goes about his business of having fun and working hard.  He is totally oblivious of the mean things that the others say or do to him.

Me, on the other hand, I'm Plankton.  Plankton has tried and tried a million different ways to control the world.  Even when he knows it's pointless he still devises another plan.  Even when his current plan is crumbing around him, he is already hatching up another plan. 

Don't get me wrong,  I'm not plotting to rule the world - that would be silly -  I'm just trying to control MY world.  I just want things MY way. That's not so much to ask is it?  Why can't people think the way I think?  Why can't people do and say the things I need them to do or say?  Why don't people see that I'm right??  (Did you hear that?  The evil Planton laugh?)

As I was consoling my daughter (who is a bigger control freak than me) I tell her "you can't control how other people behave.  All you can control is your own reaction to their behavior".   Hummm.......

All I can control is myself? (not very well usually).  Maybe the secret recipe is to learn how to control myself.  Learn how to control the fluctuations in the thoughts waves of the mind.   That's it! That's the secret recipe to controlling my inner world!! 

Now, let's hatch our plan. Oh, wait......that's not a secret.  We all know that the way to still the fluctuation in the thought waves of the mind is through the practice of yoga/meditation.   Maybe I need to put a photo of SpongeBob on my alter.   At the end of each episode, Plankton is sad and SpongeBob is still happy and cheerful, going about the business of his life.  Oblivious of the negativity around him.

Do I want to be like poor sad Plankton or happy, cheerful, oblivious SpongeBob?  Is SpongeBob practicing yoga in his Pineapple under the sea?  That's the million dollar question of the day.  


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