Establishing home base.

I wanted to title this post "The ways yoga has saved my life" but I thought that sounded a bit dramatic. Although I do feel like it did just that.... Saved my life. I shutter to think what I would be like had I not discovered yoga.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play tag? Whoever was "it" would chase the others who were running around trying to avoid getting tagged (touched by the person who was it).   The first thing you would do before you start  is decide who was "it" and establish where home base would be. This is the spot you could go to if you had to tie your sneakers or needed to catch your breath.  You could not be tagged while on home base.  The yoga mat is my home base. It's where I go when I need to catch my breath.

Each time I choose to go  to home base I feel grateful for the reprieve.  I feel grateful for making the right choice.  Who knew that such a simply practice of moving my body with the rhythm of my breath could have such a powerful effect?  Who knew that feeling the support of Mother earth under my feet could have such a grounding, calming effect?  Who knew that taking the time to catch my breath would help me remember gratitude? Who knew?  I knew.  I knew because I have felt the powerful effects of  the practice on a regular basis.

It doesn't matter that the world feels like it's spinning out of control around us. It doesn't matter that the ground beneath us is shifting.  Just like in the game of tag, the others are still running and the chaser is still chasing.  The world is still spinning but we have the choice to go to home base and catch our breath

Without yoga as my home base, I shutter to think how I would ever get through the game of life.  What more can I say? Except maybe....  Do you know where your home base is?  


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