I was inspired this morning while I practiced to write down the sequence as it unfolded organically. Afterwards I looked at the sequence to find the common thread. What was the bhavana that revealed itself through this practice?  I put it aside and continued my sadhana.  During meditation the mantra that was repeating itself in my mind was Om Gum Ganapatayi Namaha.  The mantra to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.  The bhavana? -- Trust.

When the check engine light goes on in your car you take your car to a mechanic.   The mechanic gets under the hood, tightens a few screws, charges you $500. and you're on your way.  We get into our car and trust that the mechanic has fixed the problem.  Eknath Easwaran tells us to trust in God as much as we trust in the mechanic who fixes our car.  That's not so much to ask right?

Some people are lucky enough to have some knowledge about fixing cars.  Maybe you can change the oil or give it a little tune up but when the problem is beyond the scope of your ability you turn to the professional for help.  In the same way, when the challenges and difficulties of your life are beyond the scope of what you can handle on your own, turn to the professional - God.   In complete surrender, lay your troubles at the feet of the Divine and trust.

Taking the time to get to mat is like driving your car to the mechanic.  Once you're there on the mat, trust.  Trust in yourself, trust in your body and above all else, trust in the Divine.

With complete trust I surrendered to the practice and what I found was that the asanas that I was  practicing  this morning were focused on the 1st and 2nd chakras (energy centers).  The 1st chakra - Muladhara - root.  It sits in the base of the spine and helps us to trust in nature and in life.  It helps us to know that we will be taken care of.  The 2nd chakra  is Svadhistana - flow.  This chakra sits in the pelvis / reproductive area. It gives us the ability to trust in ourselves and in others.

Once again I'm reminded that although I call myself a yoga teacher what I really am is a channel for the Divine.
It's only through my yoga sadhana that I can hear and feel the message that I am meant to share with others that I encounter along the way.  Listen up folks.... The message from  God today is trust in him.

I hope to share this morning's sequence in class this week.  Come join me and see what the Divine message is that you receive on the mat.


  1. Thank you for this and I look forward to this sequence at your next class.


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