Can you hear the whispers of the Divine?

We had the pleasure of having live music during yoga class tonight. We chanted a beautiful chant to the Divine Mother in the form of Amma.  "Unconditional presence, acceptance and love"........ these were words that were used to describe Amma.  "These are things all mothers try to offer."    Afterwards, Shiva Das
said that the world needs the energy of the Divine Mother right now.   I was so struck by his words and how true that statement felt to me.  

No-one is a stranger to challenge it seems.  More now than ever before.  Everyone I talk to is dealing with some challenge or difficulty in their life.  I feel helpless to try to alleviate their suffering.  How can I love and serve others?  What can I do?  I don't really know what I can do to help someone who has lost a loved one or  someone dealing with a serious illness, a broken heart.  How do I  comfort someone who is dealing with financial difficulties?   I look to Amma for guidance.  She provides "unconditional presence, acceptance and love".  

Unconditional presence - Sometimes we don't need to actually do anything other than be there for someone who needs to talk or cry.   Hold the space for them without trying to fix anything.

Acceptance - Accepting the things we cannot change.  Accepting people for who they are and where they are.  Accepting that loss is a natural process of life.  Be it the loss of a loved one, a break-up, the loss of financial security.  When we accept our circumstances, we let go of the struggle and the desire that things could be any different than what they are.   Accepting life's challenges with grace, always knowing that the Divine Mother is there supporting us.  Our circumstances do not define who we are as human beings.  The circumstances change but our true nature, which is love, never changes.

Love - Recognizing that everyone needs love.   I remember a line from one of the Dali Lama's books where he talks about how everyone from the maid who cleans the hotel to the owner of the hotel and everyone in between all have the same basic human desires.  One of them was to be loved.  

When I was in Amma's embrace, she was whispering "my daughter, my daughter" into my ear.  She loves everyone as if we were her children.   This is how we can love and serve others who are suffering.  Treat that person as if he or she were your own child.  What would you do if it were your child who was facing some great challenge or difficulty?  You would provide unconditional presence, acceptance,  and above all you would love them.  Don't forget that even when it's you who are suffering you can still love and serve others.   Remembering that we are all one so when we love and serve others, we are loving and serving ourselves.

What struck me most tonight was that it felt like Amma's message for me was being delivered through the beautiful chant and through Shiva Das' words.  Who knew that I would get such a profound message in a yoga class......  I knew.  That's what keeps bringing me back to the mat.  When our minds are still we can clearly hear the messages.  Yoga and meditation is the way we connect with the Divine.  Are you connected?  Are you open to hear the message?  What is the Divine Mother telling you?


  1. Thank you for saying in words, what i felt in class. It is true, that is what keeps bringing me back to the "mat". And sometimes, there are not words to say to help another who is in pain, often it is just a hug, heart to heart.


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